Community Stewards Call #3 - Meeting Minutes

Community Stewards Call #3 - Minutes

Date: 02/04/2022
Time: 9am PST | Noon EST
Meeting Link:
Attendees: @brantlymillegan @Coltron.eth @Limes @spencecoin @Ginge.eth @estmcmxci
Start: 1200 EST
End: 1244 EST

!! These Community WG calls are public and anyone is welcome to join! Please check out the Community channel in Discord for more information.


Item 1) Budget Request

  • Reviewed draft budget prepared by Limes.eth.
  • Stewards will set up a 3-of-5 multi-sig on gnosis safe for the management of working group funds.
  • Spencecoin.eth mentioned that $ENS should be favored for contributor compensation where it makes sense. This will promote involvement in the DAO Governance Process. All Agreed.
  • 02/06 will be a hard deadline for the Lead Coordinators to submit resource requests.

Item 2) Term Objectives

  • Stewards looked at the draft post for the Community Working group’s mission, intent, and objectives.
  • Spencecoin.eth will post on the forum to get input from the community.

Item 3) WG Self-Check

  • Spencecoin.eth suggested a once a month call for all DAO working group stewards. All agreed that this was a good idea.
  • There were no other significant comments or concerns.


  • Community WG will use a 3-of-5 multi-sig for the management of funds.

Hey @spencecoin the meeting minutes are appreciated, thank you!

With regard to the multi-sig, I would recommend that the ENS DAO work with @julz from [Orca](https://so that we have a coordinated approach to managing and distributing WG funds, ) to onboard the ENS DAO over the coming week so WG funds are distributed and managed in a transparent and consistent fashion from the outset.

Another benefit of Orca is that it will create more transparency and visibility around subgroups and contributors within subgroups, which will then allow the DAO to build out more structure around onboarding contributors and also have a very accessible way for the DAO to stay accountable to the community in terms of member composition, relevant proposals, and funding.

Side note: Orca’s use of ENS subdomains as a naming standard for their pod structures is one of the most exciting use-cases in web3 imo, and I’m excited to for the DAO to support a project that is leading innovation as it relates to both DAOs and ENS.

Will make sure I’m up early for the next Community WG call!


@spencecoin just a small suggestion to take a look at

They have an awesome feature to distribute funds to DAO members, ofc we can have gnosis safe integration there too

FYI: ConstitutionDAO was hosted here!

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Thanks for sharing, sadly I missed it. Looking forward for next one.

Was this call recorded? I think it would be a good exercise of transparency and accountability to start making an archive of the ENS process and at least community WG meetings.

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This last call was not recorded, but I would be happy to initiate that moving forward. I think its necessary.

Our meetings have recently switched to Google Meet and all off the recurring meeting links can be found in this post. Last meeting we had two attendees who were not Community Stewards, and you should feel welcome to join!