Community Stewards Call #4 - Meeting Minutes

Hey all! This week we had fruitful discussion of the past weeks’ events and some thoughts on moving forward, though much of that is in the court of the Meta-Governance team.

The Community WG is full steam ahead!

As a reminder, anyone is welcome to join these calls. Please check the #community channel on the ENS Discord to stay up to date on times/links.

Community Stewards Call #4 - Agenda

Date: 02/11/2022
Time: 10am PST | 1pm EST
Attendees: @alisha.eth @Coltron.eth @Limes @vegayp @validator.eth @spencecoin
Start: 1300 EST
End: 1405 EST

Item 1) Budget Request

  • The budget request deadline has been moved to post-ETHDenver to give us some extra time.
  • This means that the Q1 funding window will lapse and we will submit our budget during the second window.

Item 2) Code of Conduct

  • Complete this ASAP community input. ETHDenver might delay this, but we should be able to fast track this.
  • Rough draft will come first with help from @estmcmxci, which will then move to a forum temp check.

Item 3) Ether Cards

Other Talk

@vegayp had great points on some ways we can begin to streamlining onboarding and making workstreams transparent. Highlights of ideas were:

  • Instituting a regularly scheduled onboarding meeting with one representative from each WG.
  • Visual demonstration of onboarding and workstreams (Orca Protocol helps solve some of this).
  • Posting our Recorded calls on YouTube.
  • Moving WG minutes/agenda to Google Docs to allow more input on agenda.


  • Budget deadline moved after ETHDenver.

Item 3) Ether Cards

I have some ideas on this originating from the Fair Launch Protocol. Can please keep me in the loop somehow?


I looked at the Fair Launch Protocol. @inplco

For this NFT the goal is to raffle a fixed amount amount monthly over the course of the year.

I’m hoping to keep it simple and use available, on-chain data for first month’s drop on the 18th. Specifically, querying voting or delegation records to reward addresses (excluding duplicates) who have been active in governance.

In the following months, we’re open to suggestions for parameters that incentivize or reward community involvement.


Thank you for the openess @Coltron.eth and for the fast post @spencecoin.

I can work on a layout for the google docs agenda, as well as the onboarding process.

Looking forward for some working sessions.

@vegayp I migrated our minutes to Google Docs, check it out.

Our older minutes have been in since it is quicker to cross-post to the forum, and also has a permission system.

I also quickly messed around with a high level onboarding diagram on Figma similar to the one you had demonstrated.

Let’s definitely get a work session going early next week. I sent you a Discord friend request.

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