Proposal to create an ENS DAO Monthly NFT Giveaway, built by Ether Cards

Increase participation in the ENS DAO. Over a 12-month period of time, Ether Cards will develop and deploy a monthly ENS NFT giveaway, for twelve (12) consecutive months, where one-hundred (100) NFTs, each month, will be created and deployed.

A monthly raffle will be used to give away the 100 monthly NFTs to ENS users.

REQUEST FROM COMMUNITY: How should the monthly raffle entries for the free 100 NFTs be accepted (eg. ownership of ENS names, delegated tokens, etc.)?

Ether Cards has sourced a designer, Gabor Szikszai, to create 12 designs, one for each month of the year. Each design will have a seasonal fantasy theme.

Additionally, after the end of the twelfth month, each of the 12 monthly NFTs will have the ability to be forged into a circle, where each month is a slice in a 12-piece circle.

In addition, the completed image will be completed with a 13th piece, a centerpiece.

Ether Cards will create a webpage where the monthly Raffle functionality will occur.

Each month, Ether Cards will build 100 NFTs with each month’s unique graphic design. This webpage will exist within

Chainlink VRF will be used to verifiably randomize the 100 winners from all entries each month. The NFT will only be given away to existing users and not sold in a sale.

However, the NFTs will be available to be sold on a secondary market.

All gas fees for claiming a winning raffle ticket and minting one of the one-hundred monthly NFTs will be paid for by the ENS user.


We (True Names) were working on this as new effort in the spirit of our original NFT giveaway with PPLPleasr, and I think Ether Cards and Gabor can create a high quality and professional item that can also serve as a good way to get the community engaged.

True Names is happy to cover the cost of the commission, and Ether Cards is offering their platform gratis, so there’s no demand on the DAO’s funds here - just a desire to get approval from the DAO for the initiative, and input into how it can best be set up and distributed.


Sounds like a fun initiative.


Sounds like it could be really exciting.


@adambauer.eth thanks for giving this idea more color.

Off the bat - would it be 100 unique NFT’s each month?

It would be interesting if the NFTs could have additional utility such as access to a SubDAO and a gated community responsible for art or branding for ENS.

Lastly - would the Dust mechanism be able to be applied to these Ether Cards?


@fig thanks for your response. Let me address each of your comments with the answers below.

  1. would it be 100 unique NFT’s each month?

The design on the 100 NFTs would all be the same for each month’s edition, but each month would feature a different design.

  1. It would be interesting if the NFTs could have additional utility such as access to a SubDAO and a gated community responsible for art or branding for ENS.

Yes, I agree that this would be interesting and this is possible. I’m imagining this may be something that the DAO would vote on??

  1. Lastly - would the Dust mechanism be able to be applied to these Ether Cards?

Technically, there could be DUST tokens dropped to the ENS DAO NFTs, built by Ether Cards. But to clarify, these ENS DAO NFTs would use Ether Cards’ technology and functionality for the NFT build, but these NFTs would be ENS DAO NFTs.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or if any of my answers need additional clarification.



I’ve also been thinking about how to incentivize participation in the ENS DAO. NFTs are a really cool idea. A lot of NFT projects are using bots to monitor interactions within the Discord site. To speak to about how to decide who gets in the raffle, think earning levels by replying, chatting, etc etc. Earning a high enough level could enter a user into the raffle. This could be setup to require any participants to hold an ENS name. I do suggest maybe running the NFT reward project on its own Discord server project as to not mix in with ENS Discord. But in the ENS announcements area info/links about the NFT reward stuff could be shared there. These are some ideas.

Also, as far as gas goes for NFTs… I’d suggest looking into the IMX platform. It’s gasless trading. Rumor has it OpenSea is integrating with them soon. Moonpay also announced a partnership with IMX so that NFTs on that L2 could be bought using MoonPay, which would be a pretty big deal. As always though, DYOR everyone.


I really like the idea of raffle tokens relative to contribution on the site / in the community (voting, posting, Discord activity, dev activity). Probably need a cap or something, but this seems like a good way of encouraging participation, community, and ownership/usage of ENS tokens.


This sounds like it could be fun. Looking forward to hearing more :slight_smile:


Can we please come up with a better name than ENS DAO NFTs though. Jeez.


I still prefer the enhancement of ENS. Hope to have more practical functions. NFT is very popular now. But the team’s time is limited and the work should be concentrated on more important areas!

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I’m up for bringing this idea to life. Nice one.

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Hello! Thanks for all of the input and support. It seems there is support for this project to move forward and the Ether Cards team will begin the dev and design work of building the NFTs.

Let’s discuss how these NFTs should be distributed to members of the ENS community.

Any ideas that are fair and incentivize ENS DAO participation?

I’d like to suggest that the NFTs are raffled off. To qualify, an entrant must:

  1. Own an ENS name and at least 1 $ENS.
  2. Have delegated their $ENS to someone who has voted on every vote onchain and in the ENS snapshot space in the last month. They can delegate to themselves - as long as they voted.
  3. Submit their ENS name in an entry form for that month.

Entrants get entered into a raffle, with one ticket per entrant, and 144 random entrants are picked to win the NFT via Ether Cards’ offchain drop method.

This works to encourage governance participation, without making them explicitly a ‘richest person gets the most’ game.


I like this idea, especially as it encourages participation in the voting / community (rather than the price of $ENS). Only point I would suggest a tweak is #3 - why not just auto-enroll them? Is that possible via some program or code? Just feels like #3 will be a bit of a user annoyance after 2-3 months, especially if you are active and therefore easily comply with 1+2. Maybe with an opt out, in case someone doesn’t wish to take part. Or an opt in for x months. Just throwing some ideas around to discuss :slight_smile:


It’s possible, but it would likely lead to a lot of people getting drops they don’t notice or claim. Requiring people to sign up means those who win are highly likely to notice that fact!


For not noticing, make it part of the criteria for subscribing to our newsletter (or setting ENS name to their Twitter handle so that we can mention it on social media). For not claiming, just send the NFT rather than ask the winner to claim. I do agree that asking people to fill in the form every month is an unnecessary annoyance. We would like the winner to get excited and share on social etc, but for them not noticing immediately is not really our problem as long as we send the NFT.


This is a great concept. I am excited to see it happen. However, what if I do not use twitter for various reasons? I understand you want the social media mentions. However, I think requiring participation on a platform like twitter is something I would oppose. What about requiring people post it on Facebook? I would oppose that too. The Newsletter sign up is a great idea. When can I get a copy?

We can just make social mention optional

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A NFT monthly giveaway is an awesome idea! That is an ongoing monthly reminder and a token of appreciation for active users in the ENS DAO. Using Ether cards to start is even better, the quality of work is nice. Having a limited amount issued and associated with the ENS DAO, would make it appealing as a NFT collector and ENS DAO participant. In response to replies, I could see how having people submit their name each month will count towards actively being present for that month. If people notice their airdrops at different times, you might see social media sharing spread out in the month as apposed to the release date. The criteria could change later , # 4 could be “Have an avatar set”. Sounds cool, sign me up, thank you!