Community Stewards Call - Meeting Minutes [05/20]

Community Working Group: 05/20/2022

Community present:

Dylan, Coltron.eth, @alisha.eth, Yodaone, Zadok7.eth, Aaron B, Kevin Gaspar, Brandon Kumar, @estmcmxci, @matoken.eth, Eduardo Vega-Patiño, @carlosdp, & maintainer.eth

This meetings Agenda is Here.

Talking Points.

@Coltron.eth: Agenda review & AMA.

Item 1 IRL Outreach

  • 120 shirts for ccnyc were ordered.
  • POAPathon competition ended last night; the winner was decided.
  • POAPathon
  • Discord
  • No later then Monday for print/mint of ethnycPOAPs.
  • 300 stickers +maybe 100 without POAP codes.
  • @alisha.eth suggested retroactive ccnyc POAP dispersion, possibly through social media, and to track the distribution methods for improvements.

Item 2 Communications Subgroup

  • Coltron.eth migrated everything off learndocs into a Site of its own to be built similar to the Manager App, and there is a possibility of a react developer joining next week.
  • @carlosdp: Strongly suggested more research of forkable integrations as opposed to a new build for quicker implementation of translations, and then customisations later/when necessary, will search for some already maintained, will look into translations-migration to a better platform when found, & inquired about/requested a FIGMA example of the desired wire-frame mockup/Recommendations.
  • Zadok7.eth, inquired about Gitbook/ connect Repo for ens, & may have a friend to build out wire-frame front-end, should take around a week.
  • @Coltron.eth contacted Tate to connect the existing repo on gitbook.
  • Hosting a call for the RFP store in ENS Discord.
  • Next week learn docs, top of priority list.
  • @carlosdp: Can we split topics that could derailed in discourse?

Item 3 Onboarding Subgroup

  • Eduardo Vega-Patiño: Met with @estmcmxci, & will meet every Friday to add tickets to a coordination layer, was granted access to the repository created specifically for them called DAO PM, to create tickets for any issues or tasks to be added to the Coordination layer, and is requesting tickets for zenhub. Suggested monthly DAO Town Halls.
  • @estmcmxci will have deliverables next week on this item.

Item 4 Comunidad Para Hispanohablantes

  • @estmcmxci: Hosted the first call this Wednesday. Cordobes.eth & Nicolas (Futurx.eth) were opening up the talk to discuss ENS utility in their region, we agreed that we would host bi-weekly LatAm spaces. As for the workshop, Coltron.eth suggested that we reference Makoto’s Speakerdeck and translate relevant content from ENG to ESP. Once we have the materials, we’re going to prepare a marketing plan. Reference: Makoto Inoue (@makoto_inoue) on Speaker Deck

Item 5 Brandon Kumar: Co-Founder of

  • Brandon Kumar has a campaign on Layer3.xyzthat will help introduce, onboard, and engage users to the ENS Ecosystem; discussions pertaining to navigation, feedback, and the next steps.
  • Brandon Kumar: Has been working on a proposal for investment, has gone through the governance documents, read about the ENS RFP process, and has prepared a document for feedback and guidance on forward navigation.
  • Has a bounty platform similar to DeWork but more of a marketplace approach for community engagement.
  • Eduardo Vega-Patiño and Brandon Kumar establish a line of communication for further developments.
  • @carlosdp: Expressed the importance of specific details for the DAO pertaining to the overall value-add.

Item 6 Elections; Turnovers & pertaining preparations.

  • @coltron.eth: Mentioned a Town Hall event in Discord on the subject.
  • @Alisha.eth: Town Hall Tuesday at 4 p.m. EST. and a Meeting after to provide a Space for at least one Steward from each working group to recapitulate a group overview, is reminding delegates ahead of Steward nominations which takes place from June 6th-9th followed by the election that takes place from the 10th to the 13th and to be active on July 1st.
  • Eduardo Vega-Patiño Suggested hosting on discord too for better participation, less gated and to spot contributors, record them for uploading to social media, and defining roles for working members.
  • Monthly syncs with TNL.

Links shared.