Community WG - Request for Subgroups

I will be happy to help.


I’ve brought to ENS a task-force action plan for target market distribution, engaging corporate and SME businesses, as well as retail customers.

@Coltron.eth @berrios.eth @Premm.eth @Limes @validator.eth @spencecoin

I wanted this to act as a guide people when planning for commercial and retail customer engagement.


This could be a start, incorporating some of the other stuff we are working on, then honing the points. Also, it needs to be proofread, as there are typos. If you can make it one downloaded file that can be edited, it would be helpful.

Before I forget, and this is for me, one benefit, which has been highlighted in the Canada and Ukraine situations. Is the security from government overreach (freezing bank accounts), and transportability (you can’t carry too much gold) when paired with the simplicity of an ENS domain and subdomain name, your funds always safe and accessible. Also, privacy, when government asks banks to report every $600 transaction; these institutions willing abide and it would be much tougher without such willing accomplices.

Just brainstorming.

We are moving forward!


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Brainstorming for marketing can be found here: ENS Marketing of the Community WG


Subgroup Name : Finance Landscape

Subgroup Lead Coordinator : Probity.eth

Purpose of Subgroup: Encourage Independent Dealer Groups to incorporate ENS within their managed portfolios (Thus TMD construction)

Potential Contributors (# or names): @daylon.eth @berrios.eth @Premm.eth @Coltron.eth

Additional Comments:
I have a broad base of understanding and right now, directors are being paid conflicting remuneration as opposed to advisors to avoid latest changes since Royal Commission. Not only through licensing, but ….

I have BA in Financial Planning and a network / building network of independent advisers.

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Hello there! This WG is getting merged with the Ecosystem WG so I don’t think this request is at the right place sadly. I encourage you to join any of the calls of the mentioned WG.

if you need any support reach out to @Coltron.eth or @slobo.eth