ENS Marketing of the Community WG

In the past, we have touch on marketing, but it has never taken off. As we become more organized and have created groups to focus on different aspects of governance, we should start to focus on our reason for being, marketing ENS’s benefits to potential consumers, to increase interest in choosing ENS domain names and subdomain names over other competitors or using traditional addresses.

We have a chance to be a critical and indispensable part of web3. Essentially, if one wants to be part of the future of web3, whether it is blockchain, NFTS, cryptos, etc., we want to be the connector, the recognizable handshake to secure transactions. Don’t think of me as 0x7bc4d94c7bf180800b90af45d6b00aeb2cb687b5, but, simply, berrios.eth. We can connect!

Perhaps, even developing an ENS domain marketplace where people can come to search and be put into contact with domain name owners, after they discovered their desired name is unavailable. Explain the possibility of using subdomains, as an option.

Also, we can partner with others to help them provide value to their customers with our service. Let’s not rely on just word of mouth or twitter (which have their purposes), but to exponentially expand ENS with a more professionally focused marketing campaign that targets communities across the globe in their language, making use of all media, in addition to social media.

Let’s get excited and, perhaps, we could have ads at major sporting events, business seminars, and other platforms sooner than we think. It’s time to think BIG!


Hi Berrios.eth and others that may be reading this.

I would like to join in the effort to onboard the business world into ENS Domains and Web3 technology.

I have been studying ENS, Web3, Blockchain for over a year nonstop. I have 2 degrees, a bachelors degree in Marketing and a bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship.

Currently I have 42 ENS Domains and starting to build out the subdomain structures.
I bought my 1st ENS Domain in Feb 2021 and have obsessed ever since.

I believe .eth is going to pop the 27 year old .com bubble once and for all !! haha.

I see so much potential in what can be built to help the world advance.

I really like your idea of building out a specific ENS Marketplace/Exchange/Forum for deal making, subdomain integrations, and even off chain registries that corporations can leverage for a multitude of use cases.

Looking forward to collaborating on this topic and developing this further !!

My Ethereum address is 0x002E7b735c21204b1c07995e74b1AF71fA5f2Bd0
but simply, cryptomonkey42069.eth haha

talk to you soon !!
soooo pumped!!


I have an idea for how we can leverage ENS to serve as an intemiadary to sales and sales commission for any assets, but we could start with ENS Domains themselves.

I own SalesNetwork.eth and wanted to create a wallt ENS.salesnetwork.eth to act as a contract host to facilitate the sales of ENS Domains in a B2B fashion and with the ability for a salesperson to search for a buyer, in which said salesperson does not have to be the owner of the Domain , but can in an trustless manner receive their commission fee for connecting buyer and seller.

What you all think?

I think an ENS marketplace is a good idea but, more importantly, a marketing plan for ENS would be nice, as it would create publicity, value, and trust for the service. Creating something similar to MLS (multiple listing service) for real estate, we can create a commision-based sales system where there is a commission to third parties who broker sales transactions, which is to be paid from the proceeds of a sale. ENS as the marketplace manager would also receive a fee.

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For sure!! I think that is a bullseye. it combines different parts of the organism. Many of us have names without buyers, and if there was a way to have a sales person get a commission from selling domains that would be a really key way to scale the spread, adoption, and sales reach potential.

I have been working with a few domain flippers and we are developing some really cool stuff, but this core issue seems to remain.

what should the commission structure look like? what about sub domain structures?

for me, subdomains are where the real magic happens.

any update from your end, or anyone else here in the forum?


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If ENS sets up a marketplace, it should get 2% of the sale. As for a broker commission, perhaps 8-20% of the sales price or first year lease on a subdomain.

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I’m thinking of setting up a pinned Lounge on Reddit for ENS Listings, trader chatter etc to support trading and word-of-mouth.

Wondering how should the r/EthereumNameService community set rulesets for a pinned Lounge, maybe specifically, 3-7 Letter English names?

It should also be noted that their are many traders/collectors who cybersquat on their ENS .eth names which is not something the official Reddit community aims to promote within reseller marketplaces. In-line with ENS direction.

God speed on your marketing efforts.

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Remuneration for sales agents might encourage hoarding/cybersquatting, no?

I like this idea of marketing ENS through marketplace, though what if it were only open to names with at least 1 or 2 sales history? Stop business name purging or classic DNS flipping behaviour.

Right now it’s fair. Like the 3rd ENS name registered and 50+ registered opening day 2017 are available which to me reflects the likes of NFT archaeologists and traders aren’t overly active.

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Blockscan Chat will be a good place to start and look around. If their code is open-source, gold. If not, collaborate.

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I don’t agree that we have restrictions on what ENS names qualify. One benefit often overlooked is that squatters took a risk that they would be able to sell their names; this process also benefited ENS, because it generated more buyers and, thus, more income for ENS at the early stages.


Let’s all take this to the Community Workgroup, subgroup: ENS Marketing, so that we may be able to get funding for our ideas.


I agree with you here. I’ve created the lounge for members so they have some place for trader chatter. I’ve also taken the liberty of creating a Discord server for the ENS Reddit community. It just allows for more p2p engagement.

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I agree. I actually think it should be higher than 2% and distributed in a manner than reflects the industry it is relative too, as well as how far along the industry/project is in adopting more of the ENS/ETH/EPNS systems into their protocols.

I think the marketplace, can also extend offerings to include a ‘leasing’ option is which the domain can be rented, or leased for a period of time, with fees generated from the protocols built on any particular domain be routed to the domain owner… this incentive will help curve the people willing to let a domain sit idle for it will incentive the leasing of that domain instead (if said owner would like to keep, rather than sell) … giving a type of yield option for domain ownership, that doesnt directly relate to the complete transfer of ownership

Even in the .com days I regarded domains as virtual lands even before virtual land was a term. :wink:

lets FOR SURE talk more about this.

I agree, but also the option to purchase or lease gives options to a potential buyer.

w/ subdomains we can create a lending structure even more, and making it so a owner (domain landlord) , can ‘stake’ or ‘lock’ the parent domain in a smart contract, and the user/company can register and use subdomains from the contract.

In this one example (of many we can explore, and put into practice)
We would create a smart contract would be producing a staking function, ENS registry function, DNSlink / IPFS Site to host the API- UX - GUI, as well as a swapping function to allow subdomain tokens to be used and built on.

I am already trying to do some troop wrangling myself, mostly on twitter, and have a few young minds interested in helping with this endeavor, so amassing the proper team is totally do-able. Just been hard to fund the activities, the time, and the motives of everyone involved. Lots of us are tied up in our moves/plays/domains and as the market is down have little resources to move further with our ambitious visions.
One example of this is tradens.eth.limo

I have a Business Marketing Degree, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Ventures and have owned and operated my own startup companies in real life, while maintaining the continue of my education of the budding and upcoming new world of business-tech-finance-humanity . The edge of this ledge is oozing w/ opportunity and I cant look away.

So what is next steps here? I am very interested in working on this.

I saw the request in the subgroups. How does that work?

We just put the Marketing Group under the umbrella of the Community Working Group. We do not have a leader. I’ve been looking for someone with a marketing background. I have spent a lot of time on the upcoming election and, since I’m retired, I’m not looking for a job :rofl:. Would you be interested? I will contribute.


Right on!
Cool beans!

How does that work in terms of operation, team members, projects, and funding allocations with the ENS DAO / Governance / Funds ? I am new to the discussion forum format and DAO funding allocations. I was awarded 350 ENS GOV tokens in November but due too needing funds for ‘real life’ I had to sell out. It was defining moment in my web3 journey and I will be forever grateful to the protocol to doing that for me. Basically saving me from having to be injected into the current rat race; so its only right that my talents & skills be aimed at furthering the impact the ENS will have the future of the internet.

As you stated, without proper marketing and outreach in place it will provide difficult to correctly onboard and integrate real companies with already developed real systems into ‘the new way’
I obvious see the need/value/opportunity that stands before us all.

What would be the parameters in which we will be working/creating infrastructure ?
What would be the limitations of said creations?
What kind of ENS DAO resources would the working group have access too?
Who else can contribute and in what manner?
Is there a Gnosis multi-sig wallet we can create for this, AND can that be tied to an ENS name maybe MarketingCampaign.eth ?!?!

Yes I am; as I am looking for a job in the interim of getting my career and life back in order from the pandemic.
-Mike :slight_smile:

I did something similar, selling most of my airdrop $ENS to invest in domain names and NFTs, but have been making $ENS purchases recently.

We need to simply explain and sell ENS’s benefits to a customer.


Benefits of ENS

  • Future use of Crypto will be a necessity to expand customer base
  • Financial stability of the ENS platform and its decentralization
  • Domain names
    • Simplifies complex addresses
      • 0x830DD62d1EE769B054D2B921c0A57D4419D8c7B0 → berrios.eth
    • Multiple crypto wallet connections
      • ETH 0x7bC4d94C7bF180800B90af45D6b00aeB2Cb687b5
      • BTC 3PE8EPibgiZ2YdojrupgwLnVoXD8UgAErm
      • LTC MQuiWeYYfW7PAYaMe7oPQZgF7tkVwfaZCz
      • DOGE DUEA5auLcYt4ZAg1RoXv8eX2HEiydsr7XK
    • Use of Avatars on tokens, here’s my card:
    • Verifiable (e.g., ens.domains, etherscan.io, opensea.io)
  • Subdomain names
    • Expands the use of domain names to affiliated uses
      • ed.berrios
      • mary.berrios
      • laura.berrios
      • valerie.berrios
    • Easier to read where dots take the place of spaces
      • valerie.berrios.eth versus valerieberrios.eth
    • Avatar on tokens just like domain names
    • Verifiable just like domain names
  • Tags
  • Security
    • A simple domain name makes its subdomains safer from scammers
    • For example, you couldn’t scam with local1119.npf.eth for local1199.npf.eth, if local 1119 is an invalid sub of npf.eth.
  • Web3 involvement will be a selling point


Please add and expand:


@cryptomonkey42069 A quick explanation of the operational path from subgroup to funding is below:

  1. Subgroups are formally requested. (Community Subgroup Request
  2. Lead contributor proposes a budget to the working group with clearly defined goals and objectives (Resource Request Template)
  3. Working Group Stewards compile budget twice per term and submit it for a DAO vote.
  4. Funding is disbursed by multi-sig as terms or deliverables are met satisfactorily.

The Community Working Group has a dashboard with some possibly relevant info. We are currently in a budgeting phase and are making last-minute changes. I anticipate putting our budget for social review this evening 02/25. There will be two voting processes beginning on the 28th to approve this budget, so there is time for amendments.

In our steward meeting today we talked about the creation of a Marketing Subgroup. This is definitely necessary, but it might be worthwhile to wait until the manager redesign is completed. In the mean time we will likely use discretionary funds for minor marketing-related objectives.

As a steward, I’d love to see a group of DAO members identify a lead contributor, compose clearly defined objectives and marketing plan, and identify budgetary needs so that we can get the funding approved by the DAO.

@berrios.eth This was made by Katykin.eth.

Check out this Figjam for a higher quality image and the ability leave comments.

She also has documented some lessons-learned from pitching ENS to companies, that I don’t have access to. The angle is going to be different depending on how crypto-literate the individual receiving the pitch is and the nature of their business. Onboarding the masses will probably require communicating more traditional value propositions.

We’re in a bubble, so for us the value may be obvious. We need to think about what tools and information a digital asset manager or marketer would need to justify the purchase of an ENS name to his/her team.

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