ENS Marketing of the Community WG

Dang, that was a really useful infographic. Props to her and thanks for sharing.

I would simplify it further to be understood by a layperson.

The “What” section:

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a naming system on the Ethereum blockchain, an open and decentralized platform where digitized transactions are maintained. With ENS you can use easily readable labels for complex strings of data. ENS isn’t just limited to crypto wallet addresses, but can be used to represent transaction IDS, hashes, and metadata, all commonly found in the crypto world of web3.

The “Why” section is perfect!

The “Benefits” section is not as sellable to a layperson, as what I use above.

The “How does it work?” section. I would shorten the first bullet point and eliminate the last two sentences. As to the second bullet point, I would replace “rent it yearly . . . .” with “register ownership on a yearly basis . . . .”

The “What you can do with ENS right now” section. I would incorporate the examples I use above.

The targeted pitch to certain groups is extremely useful.


This is our major quest; it is not so much the cost, as crypto is here to stay, and you need ENS to make your transactions easy to make, in a secure way, and trackable.


Why I would like to become the Marketing Lead Contributor for ENS
As a young entrepreneur in the early 2000’s, as I was learning internet technologies;
I often dreamt of all the possibilities that internet domains could offer to my specific business ideas, but more importantly to ALL business ideas!!

I fantasized at the possibility of being able to make money with this ‘virtual land’.
I was calling the internet virtual land way before it was even a coined term.

As I think more and more about this & about my career; it has become clear that this type of challenge was always a part of my destiny.

It would be an honor to be an official part of this major paradigm shift, in the way business is conducted through the internet across the globe.
It is through this mission, that ENS touches my heart in a big way.

As I combed through the metaverse these past 14 months; I have found many awesome and many mind blowing advancements.
However, through a more practical and immediate perspective, I have not found any other program that has more capability to change the world other than ENS, in my opinion.

The internet has forever changed the entire world,
and I believe by improving upon that very system; ENS can also change the world forever, and definitely in a bigger way. ( gives me chills writing this )

My collection of ENS names spans a wide variety of use cases to empower people to create things of value for the world, and to do so with as few undue burdens in their way, as possible.
I thought of each and every one that I have registered; I have never bought an ENS off the secondary market… [ provable by the blockchain! ]

Here is a current list of my owned ENS domains…

Most of these we could build out to use as examples of use-cases, while also using them to create revenue streams, simultaneously.

The power of the DAO has inspired my entrepreneurial and humanitarian heart to empower others. We can use this new technology to lift up the collective human spirit, and I would like to aid in this effort, by offering my own spirit’s bandwidth paired with my relevant entrepreneurial experiences.

My Experiences & Skills which make me a Good Fit
I have built 3 start-up companies with the technologies of the 2000’s and the 2010’s.
I know first hand the barriers that small business owners face when trying to take their idea / operation / community to the big time.

I am in a unique position as a 30 year old to have spent 15 years building in the old world, and still have the rest of my business career ahead of me. I want to use this opportunity to help build the new age of business, with the ability to consider all the lessons of last 15 years, not only just by studying it, but also by living it, and struggling within it.

My aim is to dissolve the struggle for accessible resources that all young entrepreneurial spirits across the globe are plagued with.

I have lots of experience with the startup of business operations, as well as experience rallying the troops on new ideas, concepts, and improvements.

I graduated from the University of Dayton in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Administration.
I received High Honors each and every semester during my 4 years, and kept my GPA above 3.5 while taking advanced business courses that had a focus in Marketing, but also extended to each and every department within a business.
My studies in the classroom paired with my experiences in the street, allowed me to gain a very wide variety of skills that I have applied in the developing digital age.

I have always provided free lance startup consulting and marketing strategies to local businesses, and colleagues.
This led to another round of unique experiences, helping other businesses and entrepreneurs, take their own concepts and massage them into real actionable plans and clear theories.

From my graduation in 2013, I decided to continue building out my own enterprise
( www.mikeshaulingservices.com and www.junkmonkeystore.com )
To say the least … It was quite an interesting experience. Putting together 2 startup companies simultaneously, each with around 6 employees, all with the barriers that inadvertently came with trying to scale with the available tech and the economic situation.
My systematic approach (some called it business engineering) formulating the business operations had proved to have built a strong foundation to have been able to take one of the largest global financial disasters we have come to know…. Through it all I managed both companies and held their ground for 2 long years.

That was upto until this past December of 2021, when I came down with Covid. During this special time alone I had a breakthrough moment, which gave me the courage to close down my companies and take the leap of faith to pursue a meaningful career within Web3.0 …. My obsessive with the journey across the metaverse the past 14 months proved to make this an easy choice
&& here I am…happy as ever.

I believe that ENS will have an integral part of bringing NFT technology to the masses. Through practical and meaningful business applications.
This gives me the strength to be fully dedicated to the ENS mission and to lead us into developing a feasible, strategic, and beneficial marketing plans.

I am unsure of the complete process of officially electing an official Working Group Lead Coordinator, but please take this write up, as my submission for the position of Lead Coordinator of the Marketing Work Group.
Let me know what happens next.

Once confirmed, I will start right away on developing the first iteration of the marketing plan outline, as well as wrangling in some troops, and other contributors to help me make this happen.

The first thing we would need to focus on would be to continue outlining the major benefits that ENS specifically offers to the industry of commerce and any organizations considering to use blockchain tech within their operations.

That being said, I would like to dive deeper upon both berrios.eth’s list & Katykin.eth’s infographic; both of which are wonderful starts to such a significant part of this journey to mass adoption.

Thank you to the ENS community for your consideration on this
& also for being a part of this journey, right alongside me.

I look forward to what comes next.
-Mike Oradini

P.S. If I am given the right to do this…
I would like to be able to change my forum username to my professional name or just ‘Monkey Mike’.
I have no issues with being fully doxed & also shedding the silly pseudonymous name, in order to be taken seriously in my endeavors here.

Thank you for formally applying for the position. You have my vote and I think you will do great! I’ll make the change to my formal request. Please reach out to and work with our three elected Community Stewards @limes , @spencecoin,and @coltron.eth, and @validator.eth.


Hey Hey Yo Yo !!!

Hope all is well on this fine Monday, Pi-Day, lol

I have been doing some ground work, building a small team of interested people from the Twitter world.

I will have an update this week !!
Stay tuned !!

Hurricane of Awesome incoming !!

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Hey all, I’ve had a different benefit in the back of my mind for a while now and wondering what people think… ENSs primary usage may sit alongside current DNS. For example, I can have register jamesmcardle.com into ENS and utilise my DNS+ENS as my wallet. Then I get the best of both worlds.

I see this as being a potential value add for companies who wish to utilise web3 and also placate their existing web2 customers as they move to a more decentralised way of working. Just some food for thought… Cheers, James


You can do that. You can claim DNS with your ENS and use ‘jamesmcardle.com’ to send payments instead of ‘jamesmcardle.eth’. Or did I misunderstand you? Perhaps you are asking for more than just payments to jamesmcardle.com such as reverse record etc?

Hi! Yep, I’m definitely aware that it’s possible right now, I just think that it’s not as widely known as it could, or should be!

Also, I’ve heard that CCIP Read will make the gas fees for this transaction a little bit more palatable?? Last time I looked to set up my DNS name on ENS it was going to cost ~$600USD which I can’t really afford at this stage. Not sure if this change will help? @nick.eth ?



Yes, that is correct. No gas with EIP 3668.

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I think just that feature alone will be a game changer for non-web3 natives. I cannot wait to use my short DNS as my wallet! IMO this should be identified as a major benefit of ENS and onboarding more people into crypto space!


Looks great the infographic. To compliment any ambitious marketing efforts. I’ll work on a Target Market Determination (TMD) format and send it to @Coltron

The marketing team at the advisor dealer group I work for have to refer to the developed TMD’ for all products on the AFSL’s approved product list (APL)

  • Which product is best for which target market
  • Conditions on how the product can be distributed
  • Expand on customer reach through product design

I’ll include recommended methods of sharing this information (the TMD), this way unsolicited contact across chains, where offering inappropriate ENS product, can be reduced.

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Hey Hey Yo Yo !!!
Hope all is well in your Universe.

It is Officially Springtime here in Ohio and the energy is certainly circulating in a very positive manner.
Excited to apply this !!!

Just a small list of 3 things for immediate attention.
Once solved, I believe we will get this freight train rolling down the tracks with a full load !!! haha

  1. We all need to come up with 1 person; that we would like to bring into this group; and then we can compile an official list of people who want to contribute here.
    My choice is @tradens.eth

  2. Figure a feasible and simple incentive which can be implemented now; that can help to usher in potential talent and workers … the Twitter-verse loves the ideas swirling around and most are cool with participating here and there, but I have yet to wrangle in true volunteering to kickstart this process, maybe we need a little more firepower to get this thing rolling.

  3. For the Target Market, I think the biggest impact would come from targeting popular companies that already have an ENS and an operating business which is live, we can dive into the specifics on how they can best use their ENS domains in real time and get them done showing, versus telling…
    There is much value in collaborating directly, with companies who already seem to understand, rather than just trying to broadly educate everyone…
    Also focusing on any other target market potential at this time would not immediately yield any real return, as it seems like we would be educating the Populus rather than building, and I think we are all on the same page here (I hope)… that building something in which receives a real return is how wewill grow the resources of the DAO, and continue an upwards trajectory of the economies of scale…

If anyone has disagreement with the Target Market, voice them here and now, once this is officially determined we can dial and focus…
Maybe to start off, and to help in this analysis we come up with a list of all the popular companies that already registered or bought secondarily, there ENS name …
So far we have…(please add to this list):

  1. Budwesier beer.eth
  2. Puma puma.eth
  3. Warner Records warnermusicgroup.eth
  4. KPMG Canada - kpmg.eth
  5. Rollbit - rollbit.eth
  6. Coinjar - coinjar.eth
  7. NBA / NBA TopShots - nba.eth

We can always expand these exercises later on and add more markets into our circle.
If we do not dial in this week, I feel we will be using valuable time, and valuable manpower just spinning wheels coming up with what we should do, rather than building.

Happy Tuesday!!
Another day to kick the worlds ass !!!
Have a great day everyone !!

Hey! You can add KPMG Canada, Rollbit and Coinjar to the company list. Coinjar also wrote a short blog about the benefits and use-cases of ENS. I love as it’s probably one of the first times when the company itself emphasizes the benefits and use cases of ENS.

I believe the marketplace should be 0% fee. ENS already gets funding from the registration fees.

NBA and nba.eth

Apparently someone donated nba.eth to them so it would be great to see them utilize it. They also already have an official NFT collection NBA Top Shots. A professional sports league like the NBA isn’t exactly low hanging fruit, but the mutual benefit is there.

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  1. gucci.eth
  2. hov.eth - shawn carter
  3. eminem.eth
  4. parishilton.eth
  5. shaq.eth

Keep em’ coming !!! LFG !!!

A successful project without marketing is dead.

Well done marketing must be fostered from culture and culture in all its forms needs to be created.

The massive and global adoption of the ENS ecosystem by brands, companies, and users should be the main marketing objective to be achieved.

But it is not achieved through random tweets.

It is necessary to create a committed marketing team, armed with strategies, objectives, and resources in order to foster this culture.

UD uses the non-renewal of domains as an argument.

I think that ENS must have a deeper and more important argument in the minds of customers, and that is the first place where we must enter, into the mind.

Why should I use ENS?

If we can get a common person, brand, or company to answer this in an easy way then we can already talk about the birth of a culture.

I think we should get to that point of brand recognition and we can do it if we have a plan for it.

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