Competitors on l2s

rn there are like 5-6 main l2 solution (sure a lot more to come, specific activities for specific entities must be on l2 (e.g. base, coinbase)) and they have been trying to come up with their own domain/naming system (obvious one is starknet and probably zksync), i don’t know much on their progress but do we have a team particularly make a progress on this? (i know both party required). for the sake of scalability, functions and ease of building i think people should be encouraged using ens

ps. is unstoppable even dead yet? :dotted_line_face:

Hey @Spongky :wave: L2 integration is definitely possible already from a technical standpoint. For instance Coinbase implements ENS using an off-chain resolver via their names using CCIP-read. For more context on the L2 roadmap, check out @nick.eth update in the most recent Town Hall(it’s fast forwarded to the L2 section but the whole TH is worth a watch):

There’s also some docs on ENS Layer2 and offchain data support. The team is very actively working on tooling to make this a bit easier to implement such as official gateways and a way to bridge L2 names to L1 to sort of “lock” them so that users can be confident the name isn’t going anywhere, thus making a way that subnames on L2 could be traded. :muscle:


The L2 discussion starts around 18:40 & this mirror writing addresses starknet. @matoken.eth is the one I’m aware of that’s spearheading the L2 integrations ENS at StarkWare Sessions — ENS


ayo you there agn, gm, thx

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