Contributing to Initiatives/Goals for H1 as a WG Member

This week was my first call. Loved the short and sweet focused agenda discussion. Especially when it’s 3am in Singapore lol. However, I missed the chance to introduce myself and probe for more clarity on how to contribute to the recently funded initiatives/pods within MetaGov for H1. I know the WG has their hands full with the endowment proposal atm, but would love to have a segment on this (how to contribute and be part of the makeup of these pods) in the agenda for next week?


Welcome! I can relate, it was 4am for me here in Seoul.

Paging @katherinewu @nick.eth @simona_pop (MetaGov stewards) to answer your request for clarity on how to contribute.


Nothing yet :cry:

hello! :slight_smile: DMed you

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