Contributing to Initiatives/Goals for Q1/Q2 as a WG Member

Hey ENS PGooders!

I introduced myself in the last week’s call (it was my first call!) and now want to probe for more clarity on how to contribute to the recently funded initiatives/pods within PG for H1.

In true PG fashion, I’d honestly prefer helping people contribute to the DAO as my contribution. That is why I was wondering if I could offer my time and services to specifically help the WG distribute funding for PG initiatives, and think about the mechanism/strategy/ops used to distribute funding. To help look for constantly innovative ways with fresh new ideas/opinions to smoothen the grant program processes for our community members to surface good PG projects.


Happy to have you aboard, and I’m looking forward to your contributions here and in the working group calls!


Hello there!

Thanks for taking the time to post this!

You can reach via dm or telegram to me, @Coltron.eth or @AvsA, and let’s talk about it! New ideas are always welcome. Looking forward to hear from you!

my telegram is @vegayp


I was thinking of taking on establishing an ENS Advisory Program and a Grantee Lifecycle Management system.

Establishing a formal advisor program to help with decision-making is key. ENS expects to give out 5 different and disparate categories of grants and thus deep insight and operational experience to evaluate grantees will help increase the probability of home runs.

Few grant programs actively work and manage their grantees. I am inspired by DARPA’s program managers that help shepherd and guide their researchers as it greatly increases the probability of success. For ENS, starting with simply removing friction for our grantees and making introductions would be helpful. Coupling this with a team of key advisors might also provide the technical (research & development, security) and advisory (operational, legal, communication) support for our grantees to succeed rather than having just a group of individuals that carry the ENS name.

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