Contributor airdrop?

Not sure where this came from, but it looks like a bunch of the regular ENS contributors received a drop of $ENS from a Gnosis multi-sig.

(click ERC-20)

Is this the proceeds from the ENS DAO constitution auction? @nick.eth

This was an initiative by @alisha.eth to recognise some people who contributed enormously around the time of the DAO launch.


Awesome! Thank you so much!

This dedication to recognizing contributors, financial or not, is just the cherry on top of the reasons we all love ENS. Many thanks @nick.eth, @alisha.eth and team! This was a complete surprise and your support goes a long way :slight_smile:


This is very good stuff! I am extremely happy to see support mods and other non-technical contributors getting rewards for their arduous work!!


Not only are support mods being recognized for their hard work, they are also rewarding others. I also received an airdrop from the ENS Ambassador @zadok7 for front-running questions on Discord :laughing: I really appreciate it! I would like to recognize your efforts to engage and educate the community about the ENS DAO in discord and plenty of Twitter spaces. You are a public good. Over the past few months, I learned a lot from observing @zadok7, @serenae, and also @Cthulu.eth in Discord. The community is grateful. I airdrop you all hearts :revolving_hearts: