Creating a contract for subdomains and then selling them from a website


I am a young developer from Sweden!

As of recently I’ve been messing with code and cool projects, specific frameworks for JavaScript and stuff like OpenAI etc.

But I came across ens domain names and I have a few of my own. My goal is to make a contract for one of my ens domain names, put it on a website using Next.Js and from there have it so people can mint it.

The reason I want to do this is simple: for fun.
I’m not looking to make any real money on this, I like to mess with code and make cool projects because it’s helpful for my long-term goal.

I want to become a full-stack developer that deals with decentralized entities such as eth in the future, or at least within that space.

But I have some questions on what I need to do in order to get started and I was hoping to get help from you guys, my Web3 family.


  1. When making a contract for subdomains, is there a tutorial that quickly showcases how that is done online that I can look at?
    I know that there is documentation about doing this specifically on the ens doc so I can always reference from that. But as someone who hasn’t made a contract before it’s new to me. So even a tutorial on making a contract that has similar aspects to what I want to do would be nice to look at.

  2. Do subdomains show up in the ens market place or do they show up as their own “collection” on market places?

  3. When creating a contract for subdomains, how do I make it so I can actually sell them, i.e. make it so people can mint specific new domain names? (I plan on selling them for like 0.1 USD each for fun and to send to my friends etc).

  4. Do subdomains have their one pictures and their own descriptions? I want to have it so they all have the same picture and act the same as normal ens names. i.e the name of the ens is written on the picture.

  5. How could I attached such a minting process to a website? Is there a difference between normal NFTs and subdomains in terms of minting them or are they almost identical?

I might have more questions down the line but this good enough for know.

NOTE: I am aware that, within the documentation for making subdomains into NFTs, it says that they are working to make that process easier without code for people to access. But I have no idea when that would be and I wouldn’t mind doing it this way for now.

If you find a sentence being written with poor grammar then please let me know (I’m dyslectic).

Thanks for reading my post!

Regards, Karwan! :slight_smile:

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You can check out what the team from Purrnelopes Country Club did with esf tools. The devs responsible for creating the subdomain management tool are pingu.pcc.eth & hodl.pcc.eth, They are quite responsive on twitter.