Cross Browser ENS Support

Browser support for IPFS is one thing, but even then, supporting browsers (and extensions) could go a step further to maintain the ENS domain in the URL and/or make it accessible via javascript.

When building my integrations for 3bra I spent days testing every browser & extension and documenting their level of ENS integration. Results can be found here:

There is some very low hanging fruit recommended for each browser tested. For example Opera and Brave should default to ipns:// instead of ipfs:// when no protocol is declared and MetaMask should redirect to ipns + ens name supporting gateways instead of ipfs + hash.

If anyone has contacts with Brave, Opera & Metamask, it would be great to nudge along the recommendations outlined in my research. My attempts to do so within their github have gone unnoticed.

Goal being pushing for a world where anyone can punch example.eth into any browser and it resolves natively or redirects to a gateway which supports ENS!

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