Cross-chain Owner

For cross-chain NFT-backed ENS names, which have an L2 owner, I’ve been provisionally using text("owner") = eip155:{chain}:{owner}.

For example:

Note: addr(60) or addr(evm(chain w/NFT)) cannot be used as the owner may be different from the specified address target.

The advantage of the text()-form is that it’s universally supported --if we recognized text("owner") or had profile support. Additionally, there might be other kinds of ownership, like owned-by-email, etc.

However, the advantage of an addr()-form is that it’s easy to parse:
addr(C) = abi.encodePacked(uint64(chain), address(owner))
C = keccak256("chain.owner")
Display format: eip155:$CHAIN:{checksummed($OWNER)}
For UX, this can substitute where “owner” is traditionally displayed

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