DAO documentation for requests by say business planners including Governance tokens in their SOA’s

I’ve created a TMD (Target Market Distribution) guide for AFSL’s (Australian Financial Service Licensees) wishing to include ENS tokens with their APL’s (Approved Product Lists.)

The financial product, defined by ASIC, offered by the DAO, must have its own TMD Guide for any brokerage or capital management firms to request.

I’d also like to conjure a PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) for the token, given it’s unique utility.

The document is only a draft, though compliant with Chp7 of the Corporations Act.

I wonder which Steward or Working Group this belongs with for consideration with regard to the DAO agreeing on content.

Forward-looking I see great adoption in Australia and a lot of startups wanting a stake on all fronts.

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Not sure what the intentions of this is. But ENS token is only a governance token used for voting. It is not a security and should not be treated as such.

Could you elaborate?

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In Australia it’s considered a security. If business planners are to recommend clients hold this token, they will need to refer to our TMD guide.

There are not any recommendations. The token is available on the open market for purchase.
What does Australia given reason for such?

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Because it’s a security here.

If a financial planner were to encourage appropriate businesses to have a stake in governance and hold the token, they would need to refer to the financial products TMD guide which ENS will provide.

Governance tokens are very new, and I can see them forming part of managed funds.

Managed funds have TMD guides as do most financial products (bar those with exemption.)

This is all I was looking at.