DAO Participation Portal

What are everyone’s thoughts on creating a Portal which contains all information necessary for DAO governance.

Maker DAO has what I consider a top notch DAO portal. It has the following information fairly intuitively displayed.

Proposal Info

  • Active Proposals and Polls (Similar to ENS Temp Checks)
  • Information on how to participate on said Proposals and Polls
  • Statistics on participation
  • Historical Proposals and Polls
    Note: One thing I like here is that maker’s “temp checks” are actual votes. This can be handy for determining whether valuable time is worth writing up an actual proposal by having a Temp Check on the basic principal first.

Delegate Info

  • List of Delegates (Time should be spent deciding how this list is Sorted!)
  • Easy Delegate/Undelegate access directly within the site
  • Bio/Info on each delegate
  • Info on last active vote by said delegate - and very readily available just above the Delegates Name!
  • Historical vote info on said delegate - Click Here for an example

I think this could be a good example to use as a template for ENS DAO could create. The idea is that users should be able to access a single resource to understand WHAT the DAO is up to, WHY the DAO is doing what it is, WHEN these tasks are set to take place, HOW these tasks will work and the planned effects they will have, and, finally, WHO is responsible for moving things forward.

The information should be clear, concise, and, most importantly, easily accessible.

I know @jefflau.eth has mentioned they are building a site for easy delegation, but not very much information was given. Jefflau.eth, maybe you can comment here to state whether or not this idea is as thorough as this discussion hopes it will be, making this topic moot :smiley:


We definitely need something like this - but rather than cooking it up exclusively for the ENS DAO, it’d be good to work with one of the existing systems to add the functionality we need. Tally, Sybil, and Boardroom all support some subset of this, and the recently released Messari Governor looks like it covers most of it. I think we should think seriously about giving a grant to anyone who can credibly propose to build out missing features, rather than trying to build it ourselves from scratch.


+1 on this, as long as functionality gets built - it wouldn’t matter much who builds it


I would mirror all the resources and thoughts shared here.

They are great and I am particularly excited for the release of Messari Governor.

I am afraid the lift to build something exclusively for ENS is massive and would be better shared across network.

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I also support @nick.eth . It seems more user-friendly to go through one of the most used platforms available. Simultaneously, we prepare the existing and new features that we will need. We add to existing platforms with an enhancement. I think that the new model that this discussion group will create will guide the development of not only ENS but also DAOs in general. In this way, other DAO developers can develote new competencies.

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