DAO Wide Steward Call #2

:mega: All Stewards Call #2 Pt. 2

Time/Date: March 24th @ 10 pm IST (12:30 pm EST / 1 am GMT)
Where: Google Meet @ https://meet.google.com/cdb-uapw-wbo


We are having a second call to speak with the team from Parcel at 10pm Indian Standard Time this Thursday.


This is a DAO-wide steward sync.

We are confirming whether DAO tooling partners will be available to present options to the stewards, We are specifically looking at solutions related to the management of contributor payments and accounting. @alisha.eth should have an update on this soon.

ATTN: @Community_Stewards @PublicGoods_Stewards @Meta-Gov_Stewards @Ecosystem_Stewards


The event on Discourse will be modified to reflect the time decided upon by Calendly.

Good luck… :laughing:

I would attend just to listen but it’s early AM for me.

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I could attend and take notes for you if the call will not be recorded. :sunglasses:

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That would be great, thank you @yodaone.eth!

Hey all on behalf of the Utopia Labs Team I wanted to reach out and say we’re ecstatic to be hopping on this call with you all!

For a bit more context at Utopia we’re building tools to help DAOs manage their financial and operational needs i.e. payouts, analytics, budgeting, and bookkeeping.

We’ve been able to build our product informed by the needs of our users like Friends with Benefits, Badger DAO, Illuvium DAO, Pleasr DAO and many others. We would love to build features into Utopia to best suit the specific needs of the ENS working groups.

One of the very first things we did when we decided to start Utopia was buy UtopiaLabs.eth (we’ve also integrated ENS with our entire product); ENS is such an important part of our ecosystem and we are fiercely dedicated to making sure the community stewards can spend less time on operational overhead and more time continuing to grow this awesome DAO :slight_smile:

For some extra info on Utopia Labs:

Here’s a blog post on our public Beta:


Here’s an article from the Defiant on how Utopia built a compliance product with the FWB team:


Here’s our public roadmap on some of the features we have in the works:



Thank you to everyone who attended the call today with Utopia Labs. The recording of the call will be posted when the upload has finished.

Note: are having a second call to speak with the team from Parcel at 10pm Indian Standard Time this Thursday, March 24th


To recap, during the past week we met with both Parcel and Utopia labs to review their offering of financial tools for the DAO.

These tools provide a way for the DAO to transparently manage payments built on the established multi-sigs. These tools also provide a framework to integrate accounting processes.

The working groups and stewards involved will coordinate to review the demo videos and present next steps to the DAO.

Demo Recordings:
Utopia Labs: Demo Video #1
Parcel: Demo Video #2