Community Stewards Call #10 - Meeting Minutes

Community Stewards Call #10

Date: Every Friday at noon EST. 12pm EST (5:00pm UTC)
Meeting link:
Attendees: @spencecoin @Coltron.eth @Limes @matoken.eth @validator.eth @estmcmxci
Recording: Pending
Start: 1200
End: 1304


If you have additions, please add to the working copy of the agenda.

Follow-up From Last Week

Open discussion to follow-up on any items from last week.

Item 1) DAO Tooling Developments

  • The working group stewards received access to Otterspace before the call and will begin to explore itโ€™s capabilities over the next week.
  • The stewards agreed that they should consolidate the information from the calls with Parcel and Utopia Labs. @spencecoin and @Coltron.eth will coordinate this once next steps are identified.
  • @Limes would like to test these financial tools on testnet to better evalute them.

Item 2) Contributor Check-ins

  • Stewards re-iterated that we should have funding disbursed to contributors following the on-chain vote to release the requested WG funds to the multi-sigs.

Other Topics

  • @coltron.eth and @Limes will host next weekโ€™s space at 1pm EST. @coltron.eth is going to coordinate the topic and guest for the call.
  • @matoken.eth brought up the idea of reinstating a referral program for those promoting ENS names.
  • SEO improvements were discussed.
  • @Limes is looking at vendor options for ENS hats to have before ETHNewYork.

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