[DAO-Wide Vote] Mission Statement for the ENS DAO


The goal of this forum post is to pick a mission statement that clearly states why the ENS DAO exists and who it serves. A powerful mission statement aligns with the efforts of the people who work on the DAO’s behalf.


A great mission statement functions as a lightning rod of meaning for folks working on behalf of an organization. With the creation of ENS DAO, the number of contributors has increased and will continue to do so. A powerful mission statement will align the efforts of all involved. Ideally, it also inspires more folks to get involved and keeps them aligned.

Over the past three months, we have held several calls [call summaries here & here] generating community involvement and discussions to craft a mission statement. Through this process, we narrowed down the rhetoric and identified recurring key terms such as “self-sovereign,” “public good,” and “digital identities,” that help define the Ethereum Name Service.

The #dao-wide category was recently created in part to have a place to address items that don’t warrant a snapshot vote, but should be officially documented. Choosing a mission statement appears to fall into this category. Vote your preference below.

edit: I was mistaken and this will require a snapshot vote

Mission Statement Options
  • Our mission is to empower web3 citizens to interact easily with people, organizations, and smart contracts through self-sovereign identities.
  • Our mission is to provide all people absolute ownership of their digital identity as a public good.
  • None of the above

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I’ve moved this to “temp checks”; the “active proposals and votes” category is for anything that’s up for voting on Snapshot or onchain.

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