Delegating using Gnosis Safe

I’m trying to (self) delegate ENS tokens that are held in a Gnosis Safe multisig.

However, there seems to be an error on both and Tally when trying to connect the Gnosis Safe wallet to those sites via Wallet Connect. When the QR code is scanned the error reads something like “the QR code is not in the required format.”

Has anyone had this issue, or successfully delegated from a Gnosis Safe, or any other insights?


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Gnosis Safe is a Contract.
A contract can’t delegate it’s votes to an individual address.

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This is incorrect; contract wallets can absolutely delegate their tokens.


It’s possible. You’re likely trying to copy a MM or other QR code into wallet connect, which will result in an error. I’ve done this on accident before.

I hastily put together a guide. Try this: · GitHub


I belay my last…TIL

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Thanks this walkthrough had the solution!