Discord invite request

I have had to ardously set-up a new discord server as my last one was disabled for no apparent reason. Please could a fren kindly invite myself back to the ENS discord server? My server is Crypty#0443

Do you mean you were banned from the ENS discord, or that your discord account was disabled or something? We have an automated bot in the discord server which does make mistakes from time to time.

However, I don’t see Crypty#0443 in the ban list, are you sure you joined with that same account in the past?

Or have you never joined the discord server with that account yet? If so, then go here: https://chat.ens.domains/

It was Crypty#0647 previously, my discord account was abruptly disabled, I would like to stress that I wasn’t banned by ENS discord.

Okay, if it’s a new discord account then you should be able to go here to get an invite link: https://chat.ens.domains/


@serenae case resolved.

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