Discourse forum plugin to display governance stats


Distinguishing signal from noise in DAO governance forums can be difficult for even the most active contributor. A useful data point when considering a post in a governance forum is the delegated voting power a particular poster holds.

It is accepted that the top (~30) Delegates have limited time and attention to direct towards building the necessary context to be able to follow threads on proposal discussions - in the ENS forum, posts can have in excess of 50 comments. Adding more data/information about forum participants, such as delegated voting weight, can help Delegates distinguish sentiment based on token weight, as well as taking forum posts at face value.

ENS discussion forum is one of the most active DAO forums in the ecosystem. It attracts a lot of participants who get involved in discussions on the forum.


We have built a Discourse forum plugin that will provide the reader additional context about the user who is posting/replying in the threads. To start with, we would display the following about the message poster:

  • Total votes delegated to them (One signal to indicate their incentives in the DAO)
  • Their snapshot and on-chain voting stats (Shows how active are they really in governance)
  • First token delegated
  • Total no. of delegators who have delegated to them
  • Anything else that is useful

The reader can decide for themselves how much weight they want to give someone’s comment in the forum.

Below are two locations on the forum’s use profile where stats can be displayed.

Detailed Profile Page

On hover over on profile image


The plugin we built needs to be installed by forum admin and enabled. Below are some details about the exact implementation

  • Plugin is open source so any one can easily install it for their communities
  • At Karma, we already aggregate contributor activity and have an API that exposes this data. The forum plugin will consume Karma’s API to display the stats
  • The MVP will display the basic stats as shown in the screenshots above but they can be expanded in the future.
  • There will be configuration options to display each of these stats and to enable/disable the plugin at any time.

Our Team

We are a venture backed team building a reputation system for DAO contributors. We have a very small team of developers and have a proven record of shipping products. We are confident we are able to deliver this plugin to meet the requirements specified. The funding will be used to compensate the development work.


We pitched the tool in the Meta Governance call and was well received. We request the stewards to confirm the tool be fully developed and upon satisfaction will be installed in the forum.


Github: https://github.com/show-karma/discourse-plugin
Demo: https://forumdemo.showkarma.xyz/
Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/RvGgdMFahG3ZF3fuTykgL1/ENS-Forum-plugin?node-id=0%3A1


Really outstanding work, thank you! We’ll get this added to the forum as soon as it’s stable, and a grant for it from the Meta-Gov WG will be forthcoming.

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This is awesome!

I wonder if there’s a way to combine this with the work on the SIWE Discourse Plugin so users can prove control over a particular address by associating it with an account.

That indeed would be great. Once someone signs in with their wallet, is the eth address accessible?

This is a great start towards navigating the ENS forum better and any opportunity for more clarity and better context is always a good idea. I would love to see a collaboration with Fred from Gitcoin on incorporating some of these metrics as well https://www.daostewards.xyz/

I know there was a forking attempt of the steward cards for ENS and it would be very good to see a cross DAO collab when it comes to tooling


This might be an interesting add-in to add to someone’s profile summary only if they both consent to it being publicly listed and use the feature which proves ownership over the address! Will look into this.

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I noticed that I now have the overlay with the data from Karma, but my vote history is showing incorrectly. Is that just hard coded vote data, or is it pulling incorrectly?

By the way, it looks great, awesome work!

It’s currently displaying inaccurately. @mmurthy will be pushing a fix.

The plugin is now live! Please let me know if you see any issues or have suggestions.

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Awesome work. Really great stuff.

Only suggestion that I would have is to add a link that takes you straight to the individual record in the Showkarma leaderboard. Most of the info is displayed in the plugin, but it’s nice to be able to use showkarma to be able to see that identity’s participation in other DAOs.

Or, maybe there would be value in showing that info on other DAO participation here via the plugin? Just the info that you show today in the leaderboard in the “Member of DAOs” column. Follow me?

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Thanks for the idea. It is a nice feature to add but it doesn’t solve for the noise problem we set out to solve. I will make a note in our feature list and prioritize if more people feel the need for it.

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@mmurthy, are there plans to bring this plugin back to the forum, or was it just a test run of some sort?

It’s still up and running. You can click on your avatar and see the stats or also go to your profile to see the stats. Are you having any issues?

The results are browser specific. For me, it’s only native Safari on both desktop and mobile that stopped showing the stats. I sent @mmurthy the exception to troubleshoot.

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Hey! Awesome work on that app! :sunglasses:

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