Display of ENS Subnames

We noticed that opensea is displaying first level Subnames above the parent name on the image cards. We understand the importance of uniform text size across all image cards for each individual name, but would it be possible to make the first level Subname appear on the same line up to a certain amount of characters for first level Subname, the parent name, and the extension, and then if the character limit for a single line is reached, it would then display the first level Subname above the parent and extension?

I actually like how it does this

I know it messes up names like this, but overall I think it’s a good thing

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This is why I think they look great in this style

The mother-name doesn’t matter too much, it needs to be there and to be seen, the sub does need to stick out the most


its the β€œ.” that looks strange after the sub - what you’re saying makes sense but esthetically it would better with the β€œ.” before the parent.