Display your collection of ENS NFT(s) on a dedicated ENS experience

Hey everybody,

I want to introduce to the community my work called FRAAM3. I’ve just launched it a month ago officially. Currently, the app allows for NFT collectors to create experiences with the NFTs they hold in their wallet. Experience(s) made, you can share it easily on Twitter to show off to your frens. Recently, we’ve built token gated access for dedicated NFT collections. The need was to create a custom experience for the collection and allow only holders.

Why am I writing this proposal?

1 - Firstly, I would like to propose a dedicated ENS experience to show off our ENS NFT(s) on socials.
2 - Secondly, I’ve just made the experience for ENS holders. So I would like to hear your feedback about my designs. Example below. For the creation, I’ve uploaded the media press file and followed the guidelines.
3 - Finally, I’m sure this is beneficial for the brand.

I’m ready to discuss it with you all.
If you would like to try the app, it can be found on: app.fraam3.com

– Max


That’s a great idea. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the cards could be combined or something

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Of course, this is the way.