Distributing vouchers for ENS / subsidizing gas

A colleague is organizing a blockchain conference and was interested in making a cross promotion in which ENS name holders would get a free ticket and ticket holders would get a free voucher for ENS or at least a gas subsidy of some form.

Has someone worked on a similar project? I’m not sure how it would work exactly. Personally maybe the best would be to have a bot that registers names for you based on your ticket?

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On this side, they can use something like ENS Fairy to gift names manually or run a bot like this. The bot isn’t open source today but I can clean it up and publish the code if it helps.

In terms of automating it with ticket verification and stuff, I haven’t seen anyone build something like this but maybe I can turn the bot into more of an API so it’d be easier for people to run their own instance and add verification. Does that sound useful?

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Maybe this . . .