DNS domain claim fees

So, I wanted to claim my DNS and the fees are insane even at 70 GWEI. I understand it is a multi-transaction but how much data is being written on-chain? :exploding_head:


If it is too much you might consider standing by for a few months. The team is actively working on integrating L2s by storing some of the data there and referencing from mainnet. I’ve not an indepth knowledge of exactly how they are doing that, but it has been mentioned its in progress. That should cut back on some of the gas requirements making it cheaper.

However, depending on your situation it may or may not make sense to wait. In other words, the savings could be significant, or they could be trivial, depending on whats being done, and what one considers trivial/significant cost savings :smiley:


Can’t wait to spend 0.5 ETH on each of my mine. I’ll wait :innocent:

0.5 should not be the price. I did several things to my ENS entries recently and it was ~.1 eth max, and those should have been higher gas usage than simply registering. Monitoring gas price (https://etherscan.io/gastracker) is the best way keep gas fees low. Performing the tx <90 gwei gas price is about the cheapest one can get atm, if you attempt to perform tx during spikes, i’ve seen it go over 400 gwei temporarily, then you may see inflated gas prices.

That said, it will still be expensive. Best of luck!

Try claiming a DNS domain. It was nearly 0.45 ETH at 75 GWEI. Different game than text records


ahh, DNS. My misunderstanding! yes, the DNS portion is extremely expensive.


I think a lot of people are misreading DNS for ENS :sweat_smile: