DNS namespace integration

Just a check-in, has anyone actually been able to integrate DNS into ENS as per the information provided below and in the docs? I’m really struggling!


Yes! ensfairy.xyz is both a DNS and ENS name. What part specifically are you struggling with, and where is your DNS domain registered? I can try to help.


Thanks Greg, I think I found the issue…

I was trying to use an existing domain through Namecheap (jamesmcardle.com) and it didn’t work, couldn’t get past step 1. I’ve now tried a new domain (jmcardle.au) through Google Domains and I’ve been able to get the step 3. So I’m pretty sure it’s the registrar or their DNSSEC setup (I’m no expert)

Also good to know that .AU and .COM.AU work!

btw, I used ensfairy.xyz the other day to ‘gift’ myself a new domain to a second wallet, very cool and so easy to use!

Cheer, James

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Nice job getting it sorted! For future reference with namecheap, I find it much easier to manage DNS stuff by pointing the nameservers to Cloudflare which has easy DNSSEC integration.

Happy to hear you’re using the ENS Fairy! :slight_smile: