DNS Proof of Ownership with ENS name or wallet address

Why cant I put in a TXT record in my DNS for _ens to a=fhirfly.eth instead of a= 0x75341449Dd0e8D696Ca09eD4996a637D2cF1EC57 to confirm proof of ownership of non-.eth domain? Isn’t one purpose of ENS that I don’t need to remember my wallet address in a transaction?

@nick.eth is probably in a better place to answer this. However from my understanding, it would mean a few things:

  • You would need to resolve ENS names inside the DNS Oracle increasing the gas for all other claimers
  • If we required an ENS name, you would need to a register another ENS name before you could setup your DNSSEC ens name
  • If we allowed both addresses or ENS names, we would need some kind of on-chain validation to figure out if it was an address or a name (again more gas)
  • If we didn’t want to do the above, we would need two separate text records, which would complicate the proving process - which record takes precedence?

However my gut is that this may be possible if the DNSSEC claiming was using CCIP-read, which is something we are working on.

I was thinking these two. My thought was is that gas becomes less of (or not) a factor with Ethereum 2. IS that correct?