DNSSEC configuration is not recognized for .xyz domain

I have an .xyz (samuele.xyz) domain that I’ve setup with DNSSEC on Google Cloud.

I see that the DNSSEC configuration seems like it’s the same as what is suggested in the ENS documention with RSA and SHA256. DNS Registrar guide - Ethereum Name Service

I setup the TXT record correctly with _ens.samuele.xyz and my ethereum address and it seems like it’s correctly propagated (I left it overnight).

But on the ens frontend, I get an error when clicking on the “Refresh” button like the setup is not recognized. I am using Ropsten, but had the same result with mainnet.

Any help? Not sure if the bug is on my end or or if it’s with the ENS app. :thinking:

Okay, nevermind. I need to setup a DS record with the name registrar using the DNSSEC information given to me by google cloud.

EDIT: after setting up the DS record, everything worked properly