DNSSEC configuration is not recognized for xyz domain

using godaddy, DNSSEC is enabled, DS record is showing
TXT record added,

verified with DNSChecker, everything all in order. however on app doing domain check for xyz domain, it still says DNSSEC is not enabled.

anyone has idea?

Good news: I had this issue at the start with .art, .info and .company using NameCheap servers but it resolved.
Bad news: I do not remember what I did to fix it. I remember having to fiddle with DNSSEC config server-side.
Other news: Gas fees average out at 1 ETH for DNS claim.

I am trying a different xyz domain on google DNS, not sure if this has something to do godaddy.

hope if someone out there has same setup, using godaddy, know how it should be fixed?

I think it may have to do with the browser itself or I just need to wait more than 2 days. now I can see it from ENS app, go to next step when checking *.xyz domain.