Do my ENS domains live on Opensea or Metamask?

Hi team!

I’ve purchased a lot of ENS domains and other NFTs.

They are visible on my Opensea account, but do they LIVE on opensea, or do they live on my Metamask?

I can’t see them anywhere on Metamask.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, they all live on the Ethereum blockchain actually. Metamask desktop extension currently does not show NFTs but Metamask mobile app does. OpenSea shows them everywhere. In the end, they live neither on Metamask or OpenSea, both platforms are reading the data from the blockchain for you.


Neither, the tokens are on the blockchain, built into the state of the ENS smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Your wallet is merely a window into your assets, and holds the private keys that control those assets.

The Metamask browser extension doesn’t have an NFT viewer at all. The mobile version does, and it (unfortunately) pulls directly from the OpenSea API for NFT metadata. Sometimes there is a lag either on the MM or OS side there.


Thanks! So if opensea delists anything I have on there, the NFT item still exists on the blockchain and is STILL owned by me. correct?

Correct :+1: