Documentation: Stagnant Records


I’m catching up to the ENS project and have been reading thru some of the documentation and it seems to be incorrect information or stagnant records. Has anyone discussed the process to implement changlogs, SVN, CVN (Tortoise), or JIRA for change of service records or applied any industry practices like ISO 9000/27000 or ITIL series for documentation and tracking (auditing) that isn’t done by the chain?

In case of an audit it would impractical for the documentation to lapse in compliance with industry standards.

There isn’t anything done off-chain anywhere in the ENS protocol workflow as far as I know. By this, I mean there are no issues related to data-logging and compliance requirements therein; this is because ENS doesn’t log any data of anyone on any of its platforms. I hope someone more informed will be able to elaborate though. Take my word with a lot of salt on this subject

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I understand. It’s a topic that has been covered in multiple iterations of many different technologies. Seems like it is always a cost of structure over privacy. I’m not sure that documenting the changes in documentation using services like JIRA should cause any privacy issues for “tracking”.

It is more about making sure any changes that have been made to the documentation represent a factual, good faith position from ENS and it’s affiliated organizations to not misrepresent technology.

The auditing doesn’t have to take place within the protocol since “on-chain” txn logs already record that information.

Does that make sense? Not enough coffee, or too much.

I will have to dig into it. I am lost on this honestly.

@unlixghost.eth - to help with the discussion, could you provide one or two very specific examples of things that have not been (or are not being) logged or documented properly?