Documenting DAO structure and processes

Pre-launch, I put together the governance docs with crucial information about the DAO, and I’ve been maintaining it by updating it with proposals as they’re proposed and executed. However, there’s a lot of new information that isn’t captured there, particularly around the steward elections - who is currently a Steward in each working group, any WG-specific docs, a list of sub-WGs and their contact people, etc.

Would someone be prepared to take on responsibility for creating and updating this documentation to reflect the state of the DAO?

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Hi all,

I’m happy to contribute here and support continual documentation of current state of DAO and stewards / working group information. Happy to also work with @natebeck and his meta-gov subgroup initiative to create broader governance frameworks and plans as those mature.

My plan:

  1. Create first draft of updated/incremental governance docs
  2. Share in #meta-governance Discord for feedback
  3. Work with @nick.eth to get this updated on docs site

Feedback / guidance on above appreciated. With ETHDenver next week, hoping to have steps #1 and #2 complete within a week or so. Should be a quick turnaround for step #3 afterwards.

Looking forward to helping,


Thank you for offering!

Anyone wanting to propose changes to the docs can follow this link to get editor access to the ENS docs.


Just submitted a change request for review.

Major change was I added a “DAO Structure” section that highlights Q1/Q2 2022 Stewards, and also brings in the established Working group and steward rules from EP4. I thought it would be helpful to formalize these working group/steward rules from EP4 somewhere on the docs (and not have them just sit in the EP4 forum post forever). I changed some of the formatting and numbering of the rules… happy to switch this back to numbering from forum post if need be.

Given that sub-groups are still being worked out I did not include any detail there yet, but we can add pretty easily.

Open to any feedback on structure/layering of this information within the docs! Just want to make sure we can give proper visibility while maintaining a clean docs structure.

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This looks great - thank you! I left a couple of minor comments.


Edit: I was able to get access by creating a new Gitbook Account with a different e-mail and using the invite link. Not working using an account with previously assigned permissions. Tried all the standard browser troubleshooting tricks.

I have detailed information on the Community WG, subgroups and we’re working on onboarding docs that I might be able to add. The Code of Conduct should be ready for DAO review, pending a final edit.


You can follow the link in my post above to get automatic Editor access.