Does ENS also work on L2s?

new here (i think it’s asked before), just curious… , bc that’d be huge
but it seems not? e.g. i see starknet has their own domain system? (not 100% sure though)

if that’s true, why then?

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Yes, they do and if not 9 times out of 10 integration is being worked on behind the scenes or are coming. I know for certain they work on Optimism, Arbitrum, & Polygon. With the other domain name systems a lot of people are trying to capitalize off the hype of ENS when a lot of those naming protocols are forks of ENS code. A lot of people don’t know ENS is cross-chain as well, some think it’s for ETH maxis.

would be nice if there are related materials to read on this one /much appreciated

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So right now this is what I can provide for you to checkout.



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