Domain name - Grace Period?

Is there another way to renew domains names other than using the App? I am not able to locate the Renew button that most articles i read say that you just need to click on it to renew?. I have renewed in the past, but the interface was completely different and it was windows 10 compatible… not sure if there have been some recent developments or i am just missing something? Kindly Assist.

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There is a new version of the ENS Manager App that was launched recently, so it may look very different than what you used previously. Make sure you are visting:

On the desktop browser, check the top right to make sure you are connected. If you are not it will show “Connect”. Click that and connect with your wallet.

Then find the name you would like to renew and view it’s profile page. There is a button that says “Extend”.

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You can try or renew through

I cant even connect to this new app as my Metamask wont open in Firefox for this new app. Many people reported this and still not solved. Who cares, we are all just “squatters”, devs have better things to do. My God, why are you punishing me with my love to ENS. ENS is not going it the right direction. Just saying

The developers are working on this and it will be resolved soon. It’s actually caused by Content Security Policy-headers being set, which made a 5 year old Firefox bug rear its ugly head.

I am glad to hear that. Hope it will really be resolved soon.