Domain name purchased on opensea still controlled by seller

The domain name I purchased on opensea is in my account and my address is showing as the registrant. However the Primary ENS Name (reverse record) is not set and no ENS names have their ETH Address records set to this address. How do I set it? The controller is still showing the seller’s address. To set the controller to my address I would have to pay more gas fee. There must be a bug.

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Buying the domain will not automatically update the Controller - you can update it from the official ENS app. It will unfortunately cost you more gas to do so.

I understand why it doesn’t make sense for purchasing personal domain names, but consider if you were buying a website/application from someone. You might not want it to update the Controller when you take possession.

I’m not sure the feasibility of making it an option to update the Controller when purchasing through OpenSea, but I do like that idea.


I think there definitely should be improved communication, or even a warning for this. Maybe OpenSea could show something like a “recent transfer to 0x… but controller is still pointing to previous account”.

Or the ENS metadata service could provide that with some notice in the token description?

This might be helpful:

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I still control a lot of .eth names that have sold. If controllers automatically changed then you would have an issue with subdomain controllers (say members of a DAO receiving ID)

I recommend having a read on architecture, and if you need, check out ICANN’s protocol proposd by IETF; DANE-TLSA. I noticed it’s a great thing, a luxury, being able to seperate the controller from the registrant in the sale event you mentioned: