Domain Names and Ens Conjectures

1.Is it possible to automatically provide users with a lightweight website when registering a .eth domain name, and when they visit their own domain name, they can get a small blog-like website

2.In the future name.eth is not just an account, business card, or even a message. . Of course, back to the first item, when people successfully register their name.eth, he can access it, all of which are automatic, and he can edit his business card. When we know the name.eth of others, sometimes we need to contact them but there is no contact information, we can send a message to the name.eth, even the email function, I think this will be a trend in the future

3.Regarding the ens token, it seems that the community does not want to hype the rise and fall of the price, which has nothing to do with the work of ens or even hinders it! I don’t think so. If people want to develop the ens ecology, they must have a relationship with ens, and they must be held by more people, otherwise everything will be a fantasy! I hope this view deserves recognition! Based on this point of view, I think the most reliable way is that when people hold ens tokens from the snapshot date and the amount and time, they will get a 0%-50% discount on domain name registration and renewal, and the discount may lose ens’ revenue. , I think it’s inevitable! At the same time, the ens community should provide the defi attribute of staking ens tokens. I would like to say that this is the basic use of tokens after 2021! 99% of people don’t use ETH for decentralization, but the investment properties of ETH, so we should think about the role of ENS token

4.The last thing I want to say is the future I think of, I show my phone on myname.eth Internet, I use myname.eth to receive money, and even when I’m not online, I can receive messages from yourname.eth .
Currently Amazon+twitter+gmail+vista may be required to complete this tool at the same time, this is a trend in the future, we should subvert them


About 1+2: It’s possible and it’s one of the future directions that Esteroids is thinking about. We’re actually gonna release an experimental .eth blog platform “soon” (a few weeks).

But a blog is hard to get, that’s why what we’ll release is experimental. There are plenty of challenges, like drafts and comments.

So what can also be interesting to have is a “visit card” kind of website, with people’s details, descriptions, ENS name, and even things like their NFTs gallery.

Question: should we do a temperature check with a detailed proposal, to see the DAO is interested to support the development? Then we can move it up our priorities.

There are two ways to do that, each of them got several components.

The first way is to have a button in the ENS App which is “make a .eth website with my details!”. The second way is to have a dedicated website with templates and a form with several steps where people can fill up more details than what they got on their ENS name and eventually generate a website.

We can also - maybe - make some API that fits both those options, and let people build easy UX on top of it.

Anyway, both options got similar components (which is why an API is a good idea):

  • an IPNS service (I think that IPFS is not that great here since then each upgrade super expensive),
  • fetching data from ENS (an easy part),
  • UX for users to create their website,
  • packing everything as an IPFS repository (js-ipfs got nice tools to do that even client side),
  • and eventually, put the website on the ENS name.
  1. Adding a website to the ENS would require extra gas to write this information during the minting process which isn’t ideal. Some people would not want a website and would hate to pay gas for something they do not want.

What you are proposing is best managed by an external Service provider. Imagine a Website Company like Squarespace that lets you create a cool website on a web interface with ENS integration.

Something like this:

  1. Create website using web tool.
  2. Purchases .eth available for you.
  3. Deploys website to IPFS via Github.
  4. Hashes IPFS address to .eth registry.

This looks like a Business idea and an awesome web3 real-life ENS integration.

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What we proposed basically does most of that, only that we don’t want to use Github but our crowd is also non-devs.

We already got some of the components in (it’s right now invitation-only beta, mostly for Esteroids .eth websites community), and as I said, an experimental .eth blogging platform coming soon.


I would definitely like to see a grant proposal for this!