Domain Squatters

Hey, there’s an ETH domain that I’d like to buy, however it’s sadly owned by someone who is a blatant domain squatter. To name and shame, the domain I want is owned by this address:

This person owns close to a thousand ETH domains. A significant number of those are first names of people. This post is a bit of a vent at dicks like this who ultimately render the ETH TLD useless - seriously what’s the point if people can just hoover up domains? I get they’ve had to pay for it, but still… it’s just another TLD where all the good/obvious names are taken by arseholes looking to make a quick buck! I’d rather see domains going to people who are genuinely going to use them. These squatter fucks add nothing to world. Anyway… that’s the rant… Now… other than hoping that this prick goes bankrupt…

Is there anything that can be done to get an ETH domain from such a blatant squatter?

Hi, I understand your frustration but there isn’t anything we can do except we wait for the person to gives up. The person is squatting on over 800 names so must be spending at least $4k to maintain (and probably significantly more as it squats on 3~4 chars as well). BTW, the reverse record of the address is set to chrisbell.eth so maybe you can find the person and negotiate on the name.

Thanks Makoto. Yea I’ve found that person. The domain I want is even listed on opensea. Just don’t want them to profit from it - waaaaaah I know, i’m being a baby about it. Time is on my side, so I’ll wait and see. I did however learn today that you can create sub domains which can have their own wallet address, and my surname is available. Some small satisfaction. :slight_smile:

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We’re always open to suggestions on how to make name squatting less attractive. We’ve done our best to design the system to disincentivise it!

I think squatting has been inherent for every TLD in history. A closer integration of a secondary market could help eg. a link to make an offer or displaying list price from OpenSea. It’d be a lot better than simply saying they’re all taken - some people are even offering a few at a lower price than $5.

Other than that I do also hate to see some squatting on 1000+ domains but then again they paid for it all. Holding their $ETH instead would have made them dumb rich by now.