Draft Proposal for New Snapshot for Airdrop

Airdrop is not a solution, take me as an example
It has been 8 months since I joined the currency circle. It took me 3 months from the establishment of awareness to the beginning of investment.
And until someone said that ENS is going to be airdropped, I didn’t know what ENS is, and then I learned about the ENS domain name.
To help people in developing countries, I agree with this proposition, but there are too many people outside of digital currencies who know nothing about cryptocurrencies and have zero awareness of ENS.
If it helps, then support them to understand the blockchain, understand the future technology, open up their horizons, and use education as a free resource to support them.
However, we all know that the establishment of professional blockchain knowledge is a complex and long-term process.
It is better to initiate a special support project to help many groups in need of help in development. This must be a very long-term, slow process.
My suggestion is that instead of airdropping, it is better to use airdropped ENS as a support for public welfare undertakings instead of dividing the value among individuals. This does not create the future.

Maybe but let me tell you and others what this project is going up against in the biggest market of this decade: India

  1. Payment system in India costs ₹0/- for transferring money up to ₹10,00,000 in one go. One can do it multiple times.

  2. UPI system (look it up) is the most sophisticated payment technology that has revolutionized the digital payment landscape of India in just 2 years. Cost of transaction: ₹0

  3. The only technology I can see at this point from Web 3 ecosystem dominating Indian Market (hence experiencing the highest growth) is Solana. No other crypto will be able to capitalize this growing market. ETH and BTC are the most sought after investment instrument in India, no doubt from that perspective.

Now, I know this, from the view point of Indian Market. I need people from other developing nations to comment their situations here so that we can have better picture. At this point, ENS might have utilities in the future but I don’t see it competing with the other ecosystem in short run. And with the speed with which the crypto landscape moves, I think we need to do something to get the flow going in short run.

Inflation of ENS tokens is the sure thing that will happen using this approach and we will find many people who will come only to earn quick bucks, but if even 10-20% stick, that will be helpful.

The data analytics is required here though to know the singularity point where the profit can become loss situation. Like how much ENS token airdrop to attract how much people along with 10% retention rate in what amount of time. Something along the lines. Any data analytic here can come up with this?

I highly suggest you come up with plans for your target demographic to be able to earn the token in return for contributing to our ecosystem rather than getting another airdrop.


What you are asking is that ENS have a two-tiered financial system: one for developed countries and one for developing countries, with the goal of obtaining greater market share. This brings politics into play as well as possible country-specific regulations that could usurp ENS’s global mission. ENS is not just a payment system, it is decentralized and desires to be much more. This doesn’t prevent the DAO from coming up with a plan that furthers its mission and helping worthy contributors from developing countries.

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I think this isn’t such a bad idea. But, not just for India but other developing countries like South America where crypto is just now becoming somewhat popular. Problem is that pitching this idea to most Americans is futile. Just look on Twitter for the arrogance of the “Early Adopters” and how they have this cult that shuns newcomers in the space. It’s elitism at its core and you’re going to run into that problem with this proposal. It’s that whole childish ‘hey, I was here first so I deserve all the rewards and newcomers don’t’ attitude that will stunt the growth of this project, NFTs and many others. I was accepting Bitcoin as payments on my website in 2015 and still had NO CLUE what ENS was till a few months ago, and I’m more involved in tech and crypto than the average person in a developing country.

So, that whole ‘hey I was here first’ logic won’t help ENS get too far. Especially when you consider that besides wallet integration, there’s literally no use case for it and the token is overvalued. It becomes increasingly hard to get new people involved in a project when the first thing they see is the comments from the ‘hey, I was here first’ cult and exposing them to that toxicity. Maybe an announced AirDrop isn’t the solution, as some people will find a way to abuse that system, but we must find a way to bring new users in, and reward them for using this service. Just my .02.

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Just because YOU knew about ENS for years doesn’t mean others have. You’re in the small percentage group that did, congrats, but 80% of the world didn’t. I started with crypto in 2015 with Bitcoin and Eth mining and just learned about ENS a few months ago. I know people who have invested and mined crypto for many years and learned what ENS was from me! So, by your logic, new users shouldn’t be rewarded for using ENS? It’s not like ENS is marketing this service outside of Twitter and social media, which many many people consider a cancer and don’t partake in. An announced AirDrop isn’t the solution, BUT, something has to be done to bring in new users. That ‘hey, look at me, I was an early adopter’ attitude only serves that elitist group of people in crypto and NFTs, it doesn’t help bring crypto and ENS into the mainstream market.

I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences :pensive:

I have the complete opposite experience. I’m from Iceland and decided to get involved later than some others, and was welcomed with open arms (and a lot of help and compassion) from ENS team members and users. I think it’s a really nice and compassionate community.

I think that ENS has tried to structure the DAO every step of the way so that there are minimal barriers to entry for those who wants to contribute, and from the discussions I’ve seen in here the idea has always been to fairly compensate those who does.


When I mentioned the Twitter crowd I was referring to mostly the NFT crowd that has the very same attitude that you see in some of the comments here. The ENS crowd there has been ok with me, no complaints there. But, you do have a bunch of people, who would otherwise be irrelevant, think that they’re better than others because they were there first and minted projects before most people knew what an NFT was. That’s great and all, but completely clashes with the whole ‘let’s bring in new users’ ideas.

Side Note: EVERY SINGLE $ENS token that I own I have purchased with my own money. I received no freebies and not seeking to receive any. BUT, I would like to see ENS grow and do more. So, with that being said, we must abandon this whole ‘they should have heard about ENS years ago’ attitude that defies logic to me. And, I have taken an ACTIVE approach by teaching newcomers about crypto and ENS, not shunning people cause they ‘should have known’ about it. That’s actually laughable. Also, I live in the US and don’t stand to gain anything from this proposal.

As a support mod on the Discord I try to actively help people understand ENS (and often Ethereum transactions) as well :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen anyone act the way you describe, though I must admit that I’m not an NFTer and that whole subculture is a black hole to me. From what I’ve noticed everyone in ENS, support mods, devs and users are really happy when someone logs on and says they just purchased their first ENS name.

Come hang out in the Discord with us!

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Again, I was referring to the Twitter NFT crowd. BUT, if you just scroll a few comments up, it shouldn’t be hard to find a couple of comments with the elitist attitude of the ‘I was here first and they should have known’ crowd. If you don’t see the toxicity in that, then I don’t know what to tell ya. As far as I knew, ENS didn’t have a Discord. Do they? Link?

I read through a few and I don’t think they intend to come across as elitist, I think that some may be a bit tired of the large influx of users we’ve had where they’re just looking for a bag of free money and don’t care about the project at all. Since we’re all very passionate about ENS, things like that can be a bit disheartening

Yeah we do have a Discord! It’s at https://chat.ens.domains/ - come say hi! :slight_smile:

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Understood. And I agree with them on that point because the system can be gamed that way, I said so myself in previous comments. So airdrops might not be the solution, but incentivizing new users to join the space isn’t a bad idea. Thanks for the link, will join!!


There is nothing stopping anyone from getting an ENS name. The spread of ENS as a usecase is what we need to expand. I do not understand why giving people in developing countries free money will help ENS. They can use the platform, socialize it, and develop new solutions on it. If they become so passionate that they want a vote in the direction of ENS, they can purchase $ENS which is 100% optional.

ENS is not the token, it is the platform. Nothing, at all, is preventing adoption. New users will continue to come in and use the platform. It’s $5 USD to get a name for a year. That may be a lot for a developing country, but that is the only barrier to entry/ownership. The airdrop and $ENS as a token are not related to joining the platform and using ENS. They are separate things and for most users, they don’t even have to know that $ENS exists.

I’m sorry if I come off as rude, but I don’t think you understand the difference between ENS and $ENS. Earlier, you said “$ENS still costs few days worth of salary for most people in areas where we can penetrate with this type of strategy”. Market adoption for ENS (the platform) is $5 as stated above. Hopefully people like @Cthulu.eth and others on the discord are able to help you get up to speed on ENS and you’ll stick around. Sorry again if my posts are too straighforward or rude.

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@seaotter.eth I never once mentioned ‘free money’ or anyones salary for that matter. Rich of you to just add that there to suit your otherwise weak statements and argument. Have a great day.

Edit: BUT, you DID say ‘they should have known about ENS’ in your argument. Which isn’t rude or straightforward, but rather painfully dumb.

I now realize you’re not OP. Sorry for the confusion, but the points still stand. We do not need to reward $ENS to new users. The platform itself is useful and that is why people buy .eth names. If we were to reward people, it would probably be those who develop useful integrations into ENS (not users).

People will continue to use .eth because of what it does, not because they think they will get free money or rewarded for using it.

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That whole argument is null & void when u consider ENS growth AFTER the hype on social media because of the AirDrop. It wasn’t the ‘utility’. Other than resolving in wallets, there is no other utility. And by the way, mighty rich of you to mention ‘free money’ when that’s what you received as a early adopter who most likely paid very low gas fees. A newcomer getting rewarded a token or two AFTER possibly paying hundreds in gas fees isn’t free money. It’s that elitist ‘hey, I can have free money, but no one that I even PERCEIVE as receiving free money can after me’ attitude that is toxic. We obviously aren’t on the same playing field, so no use in continuing this exchange. Hope u have a great rest of your day.

If you think the only utility of ENS is resolving a wallet address, then you’re missing the big picture…

Hope you have a nice day too.

It literally is the only REAL utility at the moment. Not talking about Social Signaling or any other meaningless/temporary utility. And thanks.

There are valid points on both sides of the issue and no one should denigrate another for their views, although pointing out flaws in logic is a valid debate technique. As for a developing countries airdrop, the issue is the initial airdrop was unexpected and did not discriminate, although a fix airdrop was needed, so an announced or telegraph airdrop, at best, is not rewarding early adopters and, at worst, gives some a second bite at the apple to game the system. The DAO has the capability to address shortcomings that are in its interests to achieve its stated mission. Voicing your opinions assists in opening a dialogue on how it could be done. I don’t hear anyone in this thread say don’t do anything.

Including discussion of Twitter and NFTs is itself fallacious in this thread discussion. I just signed up for Twitter last week, more to support ENS than anything else. Also, I have paid more in gas fees than for the actual NFTs that I own. Getting involved in ENS’s development, whether you are rewarded or not, is a commendable goal. Buying one $ENS, currently 50 USD, gives you a say in governance. I have one person who has delegated their votes to me. Yet, I try to be involved and helpful to others. Focus and become part of the journey of ENS and you’ll find your rewards.

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I think it is important to remember that in the Web 2 world ENS would have been likely funded by rich VCs or rich angel investors and most of the equity would have gone to them and the founders. But now with web 3 we have ENS receiving startup funding via grants from the Ethereum foundation (with no equity stake I believe) and then turns around and gives governance rights to early users. Lets not forget how far we have come and what progress has been made.

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