DXdao in ENS DAO

Hello ENS DAO!

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris and my company, Caney Fork, has been a contributor to DXdao for 2.5 years and was recently delegated DXdao’s 46k ENS tokens to vote on its behalf. At DXdao, I’ve helped manage the on-chain governance process that pays almost 30 full-time contributors, manages a $35m treasury and governs all several DeFi and governance products.

DXdao is a bit older than most DAOs, launching in the summer of 2019 through an initial staking period that distributed governance power to 399 Ethereum addresses. DXdao is also different than other DAOs because it uses reputation-based governance, which is non-transferrable (aka soulbound). I like to call DXdao a “decentralization maximalist” DAO. We pride ourselves on removing centralized dependencies whenever possible. We are all on-chain. There is no legal entity and the two projects that created DXdao (Gnosis and DAOstack) have not been involved since launch. More info about DXdao’s 3+ year history can be found here.

DXdao’s use of ENS

I’m not sure if you could quantify it, but I like to say that DXdao is the biggest power user of ENS, because it uses ENS infrastructure to host its website (DXdao.eth) as well as all of its products (Swapr.eth, Carrot.eth, Omen.eth, etc.). Unlike other DeFi products, there is no centralized team running the product front-end. Instead, DXdao updates its websites through an on-chain governance process that redirects the ENS to a specified content hash. More about this process here. Without ENS, it’s safe to say that DXdao could not function (without sacrificing decentralization).

Additionally, DXdao incubated Nimi, a web3 identity profile built on ENS, that received a grant from the .eth subgroup last month.

What are DXdao’s priorities in ENS DAO?

Caney Fork will be the delegate voting on behalf of DXdao’s ENS tokens and will aim to involve the entire DXdao community in ENS governance. In representing its values, Caney Fork will strive to:

  • Help make ENS a sovereign, decentralized protocol that is used by the world
  • Advocate for .eth websites and support funding initiatives that would improve the infrastructure for hosting websites through ENS
  • Champion on-chain governance, DAO transparency and decentralization in ENS DAO
  • Ensure accountability for ENS token holders and appropriate funding of public goods in the ENS ecosystem

Outside of formal governance, DXdao hopes to foster a community amongst others that are building on top of ENS (Esteroids, eth.limo, planetable, etc). We are hoping to launch a monthly call - please reach out if you are interested in getting involved.

Anything else?

Bogota! The DXdao community will be traveling en masse to Colombia next week to take in all of the Devcon festivities. It’s great to see ENS will have a strong presence as well - many of our contributors have already pre-registered their ENS swag cards and have joined the ENS DAO <> Devcon Bogota Telegram group. Looking forward to seeing everyone and talking about the future of ENS!


We’re super excited about this! DXdao has helped Limo tremendously by testing and providing feedback for the gateway. Definitely OG dWeb pioneers :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!


Same here! I’ve been working with DXdao already before Esteroids (with Almonit), and it’s the DAO most dedicated to decentralization I ever saw.

I think one thing @kevforking.eth can bring to ENS, is to show how DXdao uses .eth websites for the DAO.


I love this idea. It would be of really great service to Web3 entrepreneurs in the space who are looking to fully utilize the power of their .eth