Dynamic ENS Avatar for Ethereum Reputation (brainstorming session)

So, I’m looking for some feedback and potential support for a concept I think would benefit the Ethereum ecosystem. Due to the complexities and possibilities associated with such system, I will do my best to provide more of a high-level overview rather than a technical paper.

TLDR: An Ethereum platform for personalized ENS avatar URLs that update based on real-time reputation scores.

Here’s what I’m thinking—We, as a community develop a set of reputation algorithms, which collect relevant data about users’ activities, interactions, and contributions within the Ethereum ecosystem. This can include on-chain transactions, sc interactions, community engagement, voting/governance participation, in addition to negative interactions, such as spamming activities, inactivity, etc.

Individuals, organizations, dapps and dwebsites can easily create their own URLs, designed to be used as ENS avatars. These avatars would serve as dynamic visual representations of their reputation.

Here’s how—the reputation smart contract continuously monitors events and calculates reputation scores based on user activities and contributions within the Ethereum network, and as reputation scores change, the content of the URL is automatically updated to reflect the latest reputation status.

Ultimately, users would gain advantages from a visual representation that is easily identifiable and continuously updated, reflecting the reputation of all parties within the Ethereum ecosystem. If executed correctly, this would promote trust, transparency, and credibility within the Ethereum community as is… but most importantly, this could hold the potential for integration into the indexing of decentralized search engines, shaping the future of search on Ethereum.

What are your initial impressions of this concept? I recently checked blockscan’s search engine and it’s pretty useless IMO. No offense to anyone. I just didn’t find value in it. Are there any other similar projects?

Also, are there individuals interested in collaborating with me to further flesh this out and possibly develop a MVP? I have expertise in contract development and front-end. With the right support, I believe we can have a simple prototype in a couple of weeks… however, the big challenge I see in developing the complete system is the distributed storage and parsing of extensive data volumes…any thoughts on this? The rep algorithms will be tricky as well, especially when it comes to abuse prevention, but I’m more concerned about significant amount of data we’ll need to store and process.

Thank you for reading.


Hey! Great idea I love this. Big fan of onchain reputstion systems.

As far as i know a lot of teams are working on this. I think Zerion wallet all is you to mint a free Nft and as you use it that Nft gains more traits and looks better.

One other cool onchain data visualization project is PhiLand that also uses reverse resolution to look up different lands that are ens wallets.

Check them out. I’m sure there are lots others I remember reading about them and looking into them I just can’t remember off the top of my head.


Welcome to the forum!

This reminded me of an art project I really like called Heartbeat.

It pulls data from a few chains every day, and your transaction activity determines the colors, speed, and behavior of a dynamic NFT that is updated every 24 hours.

For example, here is my current Heartbeat, pretty active based on making many recent transactions.

And for contrast, the dead Heartbeat of my compromised wallet address, reflecting no recent transactions :cry:

Your idea is really interesting and there is definitely potential to create something like you are describing. I am mentioning Heartbeat as a basic proof-of-concept demonstration. There is huge potential for dynamic NFTs (especially something like an avatar) that represents on-chain activity.


I’d be keen to collaborate and help flesh this out.

I have been developing and creating a variety of art/ENS related concepts that I’d be more than willing to use as some inspiration or visual building blocks. Some of my work can be seen here:


Also, Recently I have seen some really beautiful Ai / Coded Art over on Ethscriptions:


Last year also, I developed a draft idea for a radically new UX for a domain manager which I can forward to you if you like?

I love the idea of using some simple colour metrics to communicate with the spectator. Obviously the tricky part willBe to formulate the data into a fair and concise algorithm in order to create your concept.

Speak soon no doubt ! :brain::rocket::art:


Thank you for your response! I appreciate your encouragement and willingness to contribute. Your art concepts are impressive and serve as great inspiration for this project.

I would love to connect further. You can reach me at as.eth.g1x@protonmail.com and we can bounce some stuff around. Over the past few days, I have established a technical foundation, so now it’s a matter of assembling the pieces through discussions and testing.:+1:


Thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate you sharing the Heartbeat project. It’s fascinating actually! And inspiring to see a real world use-case and the potential for dynamic NFTs like this.

Thanks again!


Hey Cap! Thank you so much for sharing these projects.

I’ll definitely check out Zerion and PhiLand! It’s great to know that there are several teams actively working on such initiatives. I appreciate your suggestions, and I’ll look into these projects and explore more in this space. Thanks again for sharing!