Ecosystem Stewards Call - Meeting Notes - February 7, 2022

Date: 02/07/2022

Time: 7pm CST

Meeting Link:

Attendees: @Alisha.eth, @Nick.eth, @Ginge.eth, @bobjiang, @jefflau.eth, @slobo.eth,
BrianMillsJr.eth, RyanCoordinator, Coltron.eth, Tony, lauraashley, Toly, Nick Tindle, myth, Tony Olendo.

Thank you all for joining! I want to highlight Developer DAO’s active participation, who brought a crew of folks to contribute.

These working groups calls are public and anyone is welcome to join. See schedule.

Items Covered

A) We agreed on the starting point for the ecosystem working group intent and focus:
Ensure the long-term viability of ENS, and to fund continuing development and improvement of the ENS system.

B) Developed initial WG goal list for the term (ends June 2022)
These are not final and open to debate and refinement. Comments welcomed.

  1. By the end of the term have a clear understanding of which parts of the ecosystem are managed by TNL and which are managed by the DAO
  2. Source, support, and promote {goal number goes here} 3rd party projects
  3. Grow Integrations from 480 to {goal number goes here}
  4. Assess the developer experience (on-boarding / documentation) and identify three areas of focus.
  5. Facilitate the development of ENS Dev Speed Run Tutorial (potential integrate into the ethereum speed run )

C) Budget Discussion
We decided that it is best to achieve some alignment on goals before proposing a final budget.

D) Resources & Links

First 50 days of WG Term: The first 50 days of the Q1/Q2 2022 term

Current Integration:

Integration Video ENS: ENS Integration Workshop - YouTube

E) Action Items

  1. Post meeting notes [complete]
  2. Update google meet link for next meeting [@slobo.eth]
  3. Create agenda for next week [@slobo.eth]

It was a pleasure to collaborate with this group on behalf of Developer DAO and Public Good School.
We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership advancing the Web3 ecosystem together :slight_smile: