Email with ENS domain

I dont have any technical knowledge but I think it would be great to have an email address like that
It could be possible? Maybe ENS could collaborate with EthMail

Thanks for your suggestion. I think @brantlymillegan has spoken to a couple of notification providers but not quite sure what’s the latest status on whether we are integrating with anything.

BTW, for reminder email for your renewal, you can add that from our page.

Hi @lakatoi @makoto, I’m Greg creator of, the address scheme [something] is definitely possible and I was thinking about it for quite some time. There are couple of important questions to answer before it can be done, eg. what this [something] will be and how users with define it? To what address should the mails be routed? Should the routing be somehow configurable or predefined? etc.

I was thinking of using subdomains in this scheme to have [subdomain]@[main domain]

Technically for every domain that should be target for emails [main domain] there has to exist MX record that points to ethmail (or some other provider) server. This could be done by allowing people to “enable/define” email provider for their domain, after which owner of would add MX records for particular ENS domain and email would start to be routed to designated email provider.

Let me know if we should coordinate to make it happen, I’ll be happy to provide the service. (Technically) I could do it one some random domain that I control, but I feel this should be done on or some other domain that is strictly controlled by ENS.

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I like the scheme you suggest. It woud be great to have an email like that. I would definitely use it!

But I agree with you, I also think it should be done on