ENS Academy (In Spanish)

ENS Academy aims to bridge the gap between users and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) by providing a comprehensive learning platform that will educate users about the benefits and potential uses of ENS domains.

Our goal is to make ENS accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their technical background or experience.

Providing users with the knowledge and understanding necessary to use ENS domains responsibly and effectively could increase the adoption of ENS and ultimately lead to its wider widespread use.

The platform we propose has two aspects.

— The first is an informative website that provides users with resources such as articles, tutorials and frequently asked questions about ENS, as well as best practices and tips. In addition, the platform provides users with a marketplace where they can purchase digital informational products from ENS experts.
— The second aspect of the platform is a series of webinars and seminars, in which ENS experts will engage in a lively debate on the possible uses and benefits of ENS domains.

All interactions within the platform are safe and reliable, as the platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

We are confident that our platform could provide value to users interested in learning more about the ENS domain name system and making ENS more accessible to a wider audience.

We are asking for a $50,000 grant to help get our project started.

Your generous help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!