ENS Across America

I just awoke from a cat nap and …

Thoughts about driving from city to city in a van with graphics of popular NFT’s / Domains to spread the word. Could do giveaways or something in different cities–A scavenger hunt. could give clues to the location of the van and those who successfully locate the van could win a prize. For example receive a QR code as an NFT to your wallet and have a custom QR reader on the outside if the van-- scan to win. Flash Eth meet-ups…etcetera.

I have all the time in the world.

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I think things are new and everyone is trying to understand where ideas fit within the working group governance model, so I might suggest that you share this idea over in the Community working group, as I think it fits better over there. Thanks for contributing your idea!

so what exactly is the criteria for real
world goods ? something i’ve been thinking about on the daily.

I think about Public Goods as the working group that can help enhance ENS name utility in the broader Web3 ecosystem. SIWE (Sign-in With Ethereum, see login.xyz for more info) was a great example where a new standard was created for use with ENS to enable app developers to incorporate ENS names as a new login option.

what about a physical product that can enhance the ecosystem?