ENS Agora Updates

The DAO Tooling pod is allocating funds to create an engaging and accessible delegation platform. The goal is to improve both the $ENS delegation experience and tools to support Delegates establish themselves in the role of a Delegate.

The team approached to carry out this task is Agora. You may be familiar with Nouns Agora, which they built for Nouns DAO. @yitong and the Agora team will be presenting their ENS Agora plans at the MetaGov weekly meeting later today.

Updates on this initiative will be posted in this thread.


Thanks for the ping @alisha.eth! We’re excited to contribute to the ENS ecosystem, and look forward to the discussion.

For a bit more background: my name is Yitong, and I’ve been thinking about how to improve governance efficacy for a long time – both in the context of Vector DAO, which I cofounded, but also for Nouns DAO, where I’m a regular contributor. Our hypothesis is that focusing on making delegation low friction and transparency is one of the highest leverage things we can invest in, as it puts decision making in the hands of qualified and engaged actors in the ecosystem.

That’s why we built Agora for Nouns and Lil Nouns, where’s it’s seen early success, and are excited to come develop a similar solution – tailored to ENS.

Early mocks below: