ENS Airdrop on transferred ens domains

I have an .eth domain registered with internet.bs. I’ve had it for a few years now. But it doesnt look like they have individual addresses for purchased domains. I can transfer it to my own MEW wallet.

Just wondering if that will retain the history and be eligible to participate in the airdrop?

Thanks in advance!

I dont know what internet.bs is. Whoever owns the keys to the address currently in control of the .eth address at the time of snapshot on Oct 31 are the ones with access to the $ENS airdrop. Nothing done now can change that. If you own the keys, go claim, if you do not own those keys you will be left at the mercy of those who do as to whether or not they will claim the $ENS and distribute them to you.

Alright, totally makes sense!


I should also clarify a mistake.

should read, "Whoever owns the keys to the address in control of the .eth address on Oct31 snapshot date are the ones with access to the $ENS airdrop.

May not be a difference in your case, but if others come looking here, that might be important to note.

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dear ENS core team,
gratefully I’ve just seen a voting for assigning remained ENS tokens to part of community who missed 2x chance, hereby I’m asking for another offer/vote as well for those who registered their ENS after airdrop, since after such a big announcement there’s not been chance of hunting and these kind of community members are real users.

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