Ens anser of question

: From your perspective, can you briefly introduce the ENS project to our community partners? What role does he play in the Web3.0 ecosystem?

Brantly.eth: ENS is the identity protocol of web3, which is ultimately applicable to the entire Internet. You have your own username, control your profile data, and bring it to every dapp and service you use. This is different from web2. In web2, you use a different account and user name for each isolated service. In web3, you have your own user name and use it in various applications.

Above this is the main use case. Two other important uses are that your ENS name can simplify encrypted payments on any blockchain, and it can be a decentralized website.

Q2: The .eth domain name can be said to be an earlier NFT than Punk. Can you give us a brief introduction to the background and development of the ENS team?

Brantly.eth: ENS was launched on May 4, 2017. This is a few weeks earlier than CryptoPunks and a few days earlier than Curio Cards. I am pretty sure that ENS is the longest-running NFT community in the world. There was an NFT standard at the time but there was no ERC-721 standard, which came out later that year.

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