ENS.app Dapp Broken By 'Illegal Characters'

There is no error handling from The Graph queries and it breaks the dapp for our address: Error getting domains. {"graphQLErrors":[],"clientErrors":[],"networkError":{},"message":"Illegal char _"}

This error is not thrown in the sandbox curiously on The Graph’s hosted service.

Some of the offending domains are domains with plus signs and hyphens like: c++.eth, and ``-888-.eth```. The confusion regarding normalization made these registrations attractive. If they will not resolve in the future, then users should still be able to use the dapp. The invalid ones can just be shown by token ID.

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Good point, I’m seeing a lot of people post about this issue. Hopefully there can be a good fix, even if temporary?

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Try viewing your address in the coming version of the UI. You can check it out here: https://alpha.ens.domains

It seems to handle malformed domains that give the current UI troubles displaying.

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Hi @rank.eth

I created a couple of bug reports for this (and related issues with the same root cause) a while ago:

A workaround to this problem is to transfer the ENS name that’s causing issues in the manager app out to a different wallet. You can either use your wallet to transfer the NFT of the ENS name to another wallet, or something like OpenSea’s transfer function.

After that the manager app should start working correctly again :slight_smile:

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Wow, one month is a long time to handle one error. Thank you for opening an issue on github!

This is one of the downsides of using intermediaries like The Graph, and not just inferring from the the Tx history or directly calling the contract. Ultimately only a few edge cases don’t work well for domain names, Periods and slashes come to mind.