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Hello everyone. I’m Cap :saluting_face:

For the past month or so I’ve been writing an article about ENS with a fellow citizen PhoenixxDown from the NeoTokyo News team.

Initially, I wanted to explain to people what makes me so bullish, optimistic, and happy about ENS and why I decided to build on top of it.

As I kept learning more every day, and more events were happening simultaneously (nameWrapper, Devcon Bogota, etc.) I kept adding more content to it… and couldn’t stop. :slight_smile:

In the end, it resulted in becoming one huge encompassing knowledge base about the entire ENS ecosystem.

Since I haven’t written anything in the discussion forum yet, I thought this would be a nice way to introduce myself to the community and hand in my little contribution to the space.

Hopefully, it serves all people in the future as a good starting point to get up to speed on all things ENS and glance over the most important aspects of the project.

The link to the article can be found on our substack: https://thenamespace.substack.com/p/meet-ens.

Feel free to comment, give some feedback, or help us share it with the world.

Thank you.


Dude, you absolutely totally rock, I wanted to do something like this for a while!

What a great piece of research, especially given that you compiled everything not following the agenda, just put everything together.

May I suggest a couple of corrections please!

1 not managed by this multisig root anymore, that’s been revoked, I’ll probably be able to find you tweet thread for reference, DAO is running the root now

2 it’s not TNL anymore as you put on your graph

May I suggest that you consider loosing that gold in for the tech guy? :slight_smile: certainly entirely discretionary, it’s just when I read the document it kinda really striking as something out of place, “will of many heads” is fantastic reference! :slight_smile:

What a great ENS pitch, one document we’ve all been missing, and really solid work. I’m not making any decisions, but I really think that this deserves some sort of “monetary encouragement” from DAO, like for real. Now every time, someone in discord is asking questions, you can point them to this amazing document.

Looking forward to know more about Namespace!!!

Like really, I would edit it a bit just to polish and maybe throw a couple of additional resources of my own, and literary pin it everywhere.


Thank you so much for the kind words! Truly truly appreciate it. :pray:

I was not aware of this. I knew that DAO is in charge, but given the info from the website, I assumed this was correct. But I’m more than happy to make the changes and correct it all. And yes, please do send me that tweet. Thank you for that.

I know True Names Limited recently changed its name to ENS Labs and I’m pretty sure I corrected that throughout the entire document. The only place it appears is the screenshot of the team. That I can change.

You know, I wrote this entire thing with 0 pictures and then decided to add some pics to make it more fun/readable I guess, or simply easier to navigate around because it’s so big. But I do agree about this pic in particular - it’s truly out of place.

Please, by all means, feel free to DM me here or on Twitter, and we’ll get together and add a few missing pieces and make it even more complete!


This is not true - the root is still governed by the multisig. Everything else is under DAO control.


Ok, my bad, must be my lack of understanding of more intricate details

When I read the presentation initially it looked as though this → https://mobile.twitter.com/nicksdjohnson/status/1398060120714747904 was still in effect

and then post-dao this happened → https://twitter.com/nicksdjohnson/status/1465398379890970625

In my view giving statement that has this fairly generalised feel, that multisig is still in control was rather inaccurate, because so many things happened shifting control from a group of trusted private individuals to more decentralized approach. In that sense the pitch was slightly inaccurate.

@cap ping please

I think those are rather important events, as they show how ENS is decentralised, as it is probably one of key value points (if not THE key) of the protocol

EDIT: I definitely support the idea, that even though it’s a very “consumer oriented” pitch technical details should be spot on correct

EDIT2: It is possible that I got it all wrong :sweat_smile:, well intentioned though, I was hoping to add some context to the discussion

EDIT3: Ye, I guess I did get it wrong → Frequently Asked Questions - ENS Documentation

I think it could be wording in the pitch that threw me off, but I’m thinking that even though this kind of document should be technically correct, it should still match intended audience - my understanding was that intention was to target fairly broad strata of people engaged in blockchain community, as such one would refine amount and depth of technical details.

By all means @cap this is certainly your document, please put it, whichever way you feel most accurate, just trying to help. Certainly it is fantastic effort! :clap: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :sunglasses:

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Thanks for your comments again, highly appreciate it! :pray:

Ever since your first comment about this I’ve removed the part about the root.


As you’ve mentioned in the comment, and it is true - this is intended for the broader audience. The part where I talk about managing the root was in the context of the team in the Team section. The reason why was to put a spotlight on the credible names involved with governing the ENS and demonstrate the trustworthiness and reputation of the entire project. So it was not about being technical so I removed it.

But now, I’ll correct it by referencing the link you provided here:

I think it perfectly explains the entire situation :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your comments. If you’d like to suggest some other edits or resources you’d like me to add, as you’ve mentioned before, or anything else really, please let me know.

And @nick.eth, thanks for clarifying.


If you type meetENS.eth.limo in your browser it should open the “Meet ENS” article we published. We wanted to learn more about how .limo works but also to make it easier for people to find the article. :v:

Also, once all the latest developments are officially published - NameWrapper, new Manager, and so on, we might do another round of polishing/updating the content to keep it up to date.

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Hey @cap

Just wanted to say welcome! Also, great first post and content article… looking forward to more in the near future :rocket:

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Kudos on using an eth.limo to point to it :slight_smile: :clap:


Another good sale example would be 8-8.eth

It sold for 22.88 eth

It is also from another large category that hasn’t been mentioned in any way in the article

Awesome resource that paints a very clear image of the ENS ecosystem and how it all operates !
Thank you, will be sharing on Twitter

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I almost want to rework into nice PDF file, like we do in consulting, like proper nice presentation. My concern is that, people like to embed viruses into PDFs, so some people will wary of opening it at all, and someone might as well do embed one and distribute it. A lot of people might open it, and fall into a trap. In that way forum appears to be the best solution.

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